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Timely Tuesday: 13 Companies You Need to See Today

Being in business, your job is never done.  There is always something else to do, always a new technology to try, and always a reason not to change things that ‘aren’t broken.’  Being successful as a business is great, but if you’re not working to improve yourself, your competitors could be getting the upper hand.  Check out these companies to get your creative juices flowing!

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1. Wiser 106

Wiser provides a complete suite of solutions to give retailers, brands, and manufacturers the opportunity to stay competitive and most importantly, profitable.  Created to disrupt Amazon’s hold on dynamic pricing, Wiser brings Amazon’s wisdom to the world’s top merchants by monitoring over 45 million price points daily and analyzing data in real-time.  Their technological expertise and experience in ecommerce pricing and merchandising helps them provide optimal functionality from the retailer’s perspective.


2. Recurly 55

Recurly makes subscription billing easy and is trusted by thousands of companies.  They are the leading pay-as-you-go subscription billing services platform that is designed to be an easily provisioned, self-service platform.  Their solutions eliminate the cost and complexity required to manage subscription-billing operations with ease.


3. LiveOne 47

LiveOne is changing the way that people experience video consumption with their real-time social engagement platform, CrowdSurfing.  This platform allows content creators, media partners, and brand sponsors to instantly create immersive real-time live stream experiences on their own web platforms.  CrowdSurfing is transforming the live stream user experience because it is the premier digital venue for fans to watch and enjoy live stream content.  Their award-winning audience visualization and engagement technology gives people the opportunity to build communities around digital events.  What are you waiting for?  #gocrowdsurfing today!

4. SupplyHog 36

SupplyHog is a hard working site for hard working individuals – contractors.  Their team and site is focused on using technology as a tool to build time into the lives of customers by bringing certain elements of a job into one cost effective, easy-to-use purchasing experience.  Their mission?  To help hard working people delete time-consuming busywork, and add in more things that bring them joy in life.  They believe that a better life is one that allows you to have the freedom to do what you love – they have built a solution that gives their customers the ability to do just that.


5. Monkimun 13

Monkimun builds fun, educational games for children.  Their apps are the work of a multidisciplinary work team and children are at the core of their design and development process.  They know how important it is to develop language at an early age, which is exactly why they created fun apps that kids love to play with.  Their apps are not just thrown together; rather, they are based on scientific research in order to enhance learning and knowledge.  Monkimun, super focused language learning for kids; what do you have to lose?  Download their apps today!


6. Linc 5

Linc helps retailers engage with customers and drive brand loyalty.  Linc Care makes it easy for your business to offer a personal and contextual experience specifically following the transaction, which improves, increases the LTV, and reduces the costly overhead of customer service by 30%.  On the customer side of their business, they help customers connect and message with stores in order to receive the help they need, faster.  


7. Catchafire 2

Catchafire is the largest online skills-based volunteer marketplace that helps nonprofits solve their biggest challenges.  Having recently partnering with LinkedIn, they are able to connect talented professionals to nonprofits.  These connected volunteers and nonprofits work together in order to get short-term projects completed.  Worthy nonprofits – participate in #GivingTuesday on December 2nd in order to be entered to win one of 10 memberships with Catchafire!  Catchafire - where talent meets purpose.


8. Create 1

Create allows you to efficiently manage real estate investments through a full suite of tools made for owners, investors, and building professionals.  With their interactive 3D map, you can work with properties to model and visualize different scenarios.  Their framework also tracks changes to projects, gathers engagement information, optimizes, and researches. 


9. Scoop.it 1

You are the content you publish.  In order to help marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs increase their visibility online, Scoop.it was created.  Sharing important ideas with the right target audience gives them an opportunity to create and maintain a meaningful online presence.  Originally in France, Scoop.it is now headquartered in Silicon Valley.  They have over 1 million registered users and over 100 million views.


10. Techpear 1

Techpear helps companies find intern and entry-level employees that match your cultural fit and knowledge of your company.  Candidates are evaluated immediately, and then you are notified on which candidates best fit what you’re looking for.  This helps save time while hiring and optimizes your recruiting process.  Techpear, help companies find talent. 


11. SimpleReach 0

SimpleReach wants to maximize the value of content.  They provide real-time understanding of the content that drives engagement, traffic, and conversions.  As the standard in content measurement and distribution, SimpleReach provides content creators with universal measurement and optimized distribution for all their content campaigns. 


12. Venuelabs 0

Venuelabs is the leading customer experience measurement and analytics platform for restaurants, retail, and hospitality.  Their local listening, measurement, and engagement solutions are used by big retail brands and merchants like McDonalds, Subway, IMAX, and many, many, more.  Their technology connects them to local customer experiences as well.  By transforming mobile, social, and local signals into actionable business intelligence, Venuelabs now tracks over 350,000 locations in over 100 countries for thousands of brands.


13. Soldsie 0

Soldsie is the world’s first social selling platform; their team really wants to power your sales strategy with social selling by harnessing the social reach of Facebook comments.  Simply upload a product photo, and when your fans comment “Sold,” Soldsie completes the sale.  Soldsie posts convert better than links out to a traditional e-commerce shopping cart, which is why thousands of merchants have turned Facebook into their best sales channel.


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