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Today we present you a list of some companies that have excelled in providing discreet innovation through their products and services to their clients and have established their prominence over the last few years.

Thanks for reading, and vote for your favorite company!

1. BankMobile 132


BankMobile is poised to quickly capitalize on opportunities in mobility solutions for customers, merchants, banks, payment networks, and telecommunication service providers because they realized that there is lack of innovation in the banking sector, and as a result, they revamped the whole banking method.

Banks create a cost structure that is hard to maintain, and it has a lot of requirements. BankMobile wanted to create a new standard for banking and they want people to start loving their banking relationship. Moreover, the middle income and millennial household people are over burdened by the fees charged by banks, considering, it as unethical, BankMobile empowers the people financially and brings the whole banking experience into the palm of their hands. It also offers checking, savings, joint and lines of credit up to $5000 dollars with no bank fees involved. Moreover, they offer higher savings rates and free ATMs to their customers which is three times more than what Bank of America offers, as their only focus is on creating a seamless banking experience.

2. Flashnotes 25


Flashnotes is type of a marketplace exclusively made for students. By using Flashnotes, students can exchange and purchase class notes from one another. Flashnotes has sellers who are all students and they add their particular notes, according to their specific school, class, and professor. Further, the students who need theses notes can buy them from the website itself. Moreover, students also have the opportunity to set up study sessions through the site. The founder of this website Michael Matousek, who came up with the idea of Flashnotes from his school days, when people were interested in buying his notes.

3. Spinnakr 7


Spinnakr is revolutionizing access to big data insights with a new kind of web analytics that does all of the work for you - from insight, to recommendation, to action in real-time. Spinnakr's insights driven analytics eliminates the need for digital strategists or expensive consultants to interpret web analytics data and make sites changes based on that data, reducing the cost of using data and dramatically enabling a huge number of business access to sophisticated analysis for the first time. 

4. Priori Legal 5

Priori Legal

Priori Legal is a sort of a legal marketplace. It connects various startups with lawyers. As many people struggle while trying to find good lawyers. Priori Legal was established by Basha Rubin when she met her cofounder at Yale Law School. There she noticed that people didn't know how to find good lawyers and how much did they cost.

PrioriLegal has an excellentvetting process for lawyers, and require them to have 25% discount for their site. Moreover, it is very specific about who they allow to be a lawyer on their site, and have a review process as well.

Furthermore, PrioriLegal has already launched in New York and California, while more branches are launching in the coming months.

5. Porch 4


Porch is a network which connects various homeowners with professional providing different repair and maintenance services. Porch takes the feedback of your nearby neighbors about different professionals and provide you the names of the best professionals in your area. Porch works like a car-fax and provides you the complete detail and work history of different professionals. The company is growing rapidly and looking to hire in about every area.

6. Flavour 3


Flavour helps you instantly discover your city's best restaurants through recommendations from respected critics, top bloggers, industry experts and knowledgeable locals. Additionally, Flavour adds its own intelligently sourced finds based on the most visited and popular establishments.

Users can search by neighborhood, cuisine or feature to find the perfect spot integrated with open table. It acts like your friend in the city who really knows where to get the best place and food to eat. Flavour was launched in October 2014.

7. Contact Monkey 1

Contact Monkey

ContactMonkey makes email and Salesforce more powerful for Outlook and Gmail. By integrating email tracking and Salesforce data in a sidebar in Outlook and Gmail, they help salespeople save more time and make more money without learning anything new. You can view and update all of your Salesforce data without ever leaving Outlook or Gmail.

8. Fleksy 1


Fleksy, a mobile typing application for iOS and Android, is the fastest keyboard in the world.  Its beautify design allows users to type quickly and accurately.  With an extremely customizable keyboard, users are able to make it just how they would like it.  Download Fleksy and experience a whole new typing experience on your mobile device!

9. Ambassador 1


Ambassador is an end to end referral solution. Its referral dashboard provides a 360-degree view of the key performance metrics to analyze the strength of different social referral programs. Clients use Ambassador to easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize users.

10. BACtrack 1


BACtrack, the #1 brand of breathalyzers with over 14 years of experience, provides the most accurate and affordable devices in the market. They are headquartered in San Francisco and their products are made primarily for law enforcement and the hospitals. All their breathalyzers are available on Amazon, Costco and Bestbuy. Keith Nothacker, the founder, started the company in college, as he found it very odd that someone could be arrested at .08 BAC but had no way to test yourself. Hence, he started importing products and tried to make them available for consumers and soon, he created his own breathalyzers. BACtrack is the first company to get FDA approval on breathalyzers. Keith went on to create a range of other products as well, including the Smartphone Breathalyzer.

11. YouBetMe 0


YouBetMe is a unique app by which you can invite your friends and bet against them on almost anything. The app was launched by Jason Neubauer who used to like betting as a child. When he went on the Wheel of Fortune, he got the idea of developing a fast, social and mobile app for betting, but different than gambling. Thus, leading to the full fledged app, YouBetMe which was launched at the 2012 Superbowl. The app is currently available for download on iStore and is in beta testing for Android.

Let us know about more innovative companies to feature in the future!

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