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With the current job market in shambles and qualification standards getting higher, it makes sense for parents to jumpstart their child’s chances of success by putting them in gifted-learner schools. The problem is, competition doesn’t get tough at 18; it’s tough from the get-go and filling out a form and writing a check won’t get your child into just any school (unless you’re a Vanderbilt, in which case—please write a blog post teaching us all your entrepreneurial ways!).  So how do you give your kids the tools they need to excel later on in life? Private tutoring is a good start but the problem is not everybody whose child deserves the best education can afford it.



Bright Kids is an affordable option for kids who need some help getting ready for standardized admissions tests. With three locations in New York and their newest Chicago branch seeing great success in less than a year, the future is definitely bright for this education startup.

The company started in New York City four years ago when the founder Bige Doruk’s son was in the process of applying to prestigious gifted-learner schools. The Harvard Business School graduate realized that competition to get in was steep and many parents were in way over their heads. Doruk was frustrated at how unhelpful and uninformed all the counselors she sought out were, so she created her own approach to help future parents going through the same troubles.



Doruk built her team and worked with educators to design lesson plans for kids ranging from K-8. They also wrote affordable activity books to help children on any financial spectrum. 

As Bright Kids grew more successful they expanded from test prep to subject tutoring.

Doruk and her team chose Chicago as the next target market based on activity book sales nationwide and the office opened in the Park West neighborhood of the city in September 2012 and quickly became known among locals as the “one stop shop” for all tutoring needs.

So far the results are good: the kids are doing great, the parents are happy and Bright Kids is looking to open a second location in Naperville, Ill. The only question that remains is where do they go next? I heard whispers of D.C. in the fall.

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