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Every now and then an app comes along that takes what we’ve already been doing and does it better. This month, that app is Mailbox. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you need to do a better job tuning into the morning news cycle.

Our emails have begrudgingly become our to-do lists, whether it’s getting through the content of the emails or just the sheer number of them. We scan our inbox, leave things marked unread, or close out of the app if anxiety gets the best of us.

Those days are over, thanks to Mailbox. This slick organization system allows us to send emails away if we’re not ready for them, put various messages into related lists, and promises users the holy grail: they will finally get down their inbox down to zero.

The reception is close to rabid. The iPhone app launched on February 7 and close to 800,000 people are already lined up and waiting for the free download. The creators wanted to unroll their baby slowly to avoid system crashes and user frustration, but they promise to allow people in exponentially.

So how does it work? You go to the site to reserve your place in line. You'll get a text message with two reservation codes that you need to put in the app after you download it to your iPhone. Then a screen pops up telling you how many people are ahead of you and how many are behind you. We registered on Sunday morning and we have 675,013 people in front of us and 64,288 people behind us.

Once you’re in, the app is designed around swipe technology. You swipe to the right to archive or trash an email, you swipe to the left to save it for later or put it in a list. A more comprehensive walkthrough can be found here.

The reception from those who have gotten through the front doors is through the roof, with many tech writers who got an early preview praising it as the “no-frills app we’ve all been waiting for.”

With positive reviews from giants like BusinessInsider and Mashable, I just have one question for the brilliant creators of this savvy tool: when is the Android version set to launch?

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