The techy desk that moves with you and makes you healthier

With packed days and endless work, entrepreneurs need to slip self-maintenance and personal care into their lives wherever they can. Standing desks are a great way to incorporate healthy practices into day-to-day activities, and a respiratory trainer in your desk is an easy way to help yourself feel good and stay sharp without taking up time. Now you can add a desk to your arsenal that helps you feel and perform better, and also lets you stand (or sit if you’d like). 

The Stir Kinetic Desk features thermal sensors that detect your presence and touchscreen controls that adjust the desk between sitting and standing positions. The best part is that setting it on “active mode” the desk reminds you to switch from sitting to standing (and back) by slowly moving up and down, as if it’s a chest rising and falling with breath. The company calls this feature “Whisper Breath.”

The desk can be manually programmed and is also capable of detecting your other habits for a customized program. It prompts to get up or sit down, and for how long, depending on your other habits. The desk knows about your health and lifestyle by syncing with your other health apps via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This helps Stir Kinetic Desk keep track of your calories and exercise so it knows when you need more activity. However, at $3,890, the Stir Kinetic Desk is best seen as an investment in your health than just buying a desk for the office. 

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