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The Rise of eLearning

Education is very important to children and adults alike. Moving into the world of technology, elearning and education software is becoming more prominent. Anything from lesson planning software to online high school, there are lots of different options! Here are a few of the most recommended programs and websites. 

1. Edmin 2

Edmin seeks to provide some of the most useful resources in education management. They seek to engage students and teachers together in learning. They analyze data and help determine the best route for management. Edmin has won several awards for their quality service and aid!

2. MicroAssist Inc. 0

MicroAssist Inc. is a great way to customize your elearning experience. This company works with several clients on anything from staff training to real estate to politics. They offer a variety of services and customizations geared specifically for each of their clients. Their clients recommend MicroAssist due to their patience and help. With lots of customer care and support, MicroAssist seems to be THE company to go to for a great elearning experience.


3. Xap 0

Xap works to make education planning easier and more effective. They offer a variety of support and resource. They offer webinars and tons of other resources. With products and services available throughout the world, Xap Corporation has become well known for their great career and education planning. 

4. Schoolnet 0

Schoolnet is another great online learning opportunity. They offer products and solutions to primary education and teaching. They provide resources for teachers, parents, school systems, and students. Their software is highly recommended by teachers when it comes to quality and achievement. 

5. T.H.E Journal 0

T.H.E Journal seeks to “transform education through technology.” They provide webcasts, resources, and tools for education and learning. They constantly update their website with useful articles to provide educators free material and tools, all the while offering a variety of products and information for an even better learning experience. 

6. Evergreen Country Day School 0

Evergreen Country Day School is another educational facility focused on providing the best in schooling for local children. They make sure that their students are happy and are healthy. The students love the school and enjoy attending their classes, which makes Evergreen a family favorite.

7. Bertschi School 0

With a focus on creating independent students and children, Bertschi School seeks to teach and help its students far beyond primary education. They provide creative solutions and aids to keep children interested in learning. This institution is located in Seattle and provides a great education for its students, teachers, and parents. Many parents seek out Bertschi School because of how much it cares about its students and their educations.

8. IOR Global Services 0

Offering services that work toward effectively training staff, IOR Global Services been helping businesses with intercultural education in work environments. IOR has been recognized as one of the best in client care while offering full support and knowledge. Almost 100% of their clients recommend IOR’s services to their colleagues.  

9. Arts, Core Inc. 0

With a focus on mathematics and English Arts, Core Inc. is out to help teachers with class and teaching assistance. They provide some free materials and a variety of other products to ensure that educators utilize everything to their advantage. Teachers across the states are raving about Core’s aid and programs.


10. Software Answers Inc. 0

Software Answers Inc. is another great company to look to for online learning and teaching services. They create software for elementary teachers and educators, helping to manage lesson plans, grade reports, online learning, and various other wonderful services. Software Answers offers demos and support to make the teacher’s life easier.


11. Relias Learning 0

Relias Learning is a great tool when it comes to training and teaching. They provide online tools for learning management and instruction. Their major industries include health care and health services, although they have worked with various other industries. They offer tons of courses and are established as one of the best in training management.


12. LearnShare 0

LearnShare seeks to make knowledge sharing and learning available to companies and their employees. LearnShare offers a wide variety of management options, which include knowledge, performance, talent, and social learning. This company also provides many tools and resources for their clients and their staff. LearnShare has been widely known for their great customer care and client support.


13. Adult Learning Programs of Alaska 0

Here is a non-profit focused more on adult education and learning. Adult Learning Programs of Alaska offers a variety of programs for the learning adult. They also offer a plethora of reading materials and resources while providing quality education services. They have an amazing support team that are always there for their students and clients and come highly recommended.


14. Carnegie Learning 0

Carnegie Learning is another highly recommended elearning experience, only this one is focused on mathematics. Founded in 1998 Carnegie Learning has been providing professional teaching and structure to their online curriculum ever since. They offer quality software and teaching aids and services for up to 12th grade math. They also offer textbooks! Clients only look to Carnegie when it comes to teaching a child math and providing the right resources.


15. Advanced Academics 0

Advanced Academics provides great opportunities for high school students to attend high school online. They provide a great chance for educators and students. They supply a several options for courses and solutions for parents. Advanced Academics is the best in online high schools. 

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