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The Power of Community

I had the pleasure to connect with Adam Fridman, Founder of www.MeetAdvisors.com, recently over coffee.  We had a long and detailed conversation of how valuable networking properly has been in both of our lives in the past few years.  We shared multiple stories of how one thing has led to another for both of us through the "vouch system" - one credible person making a strong reccomendation for another person to meet a good contact within their trusted network.  In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful in both your professional and personal life than a strong referral from a trusted resource.  I have come to fully understand in recent years (even though I thought I always knew) that developing relationships in this way is indeed what makes the world go round.  It is for this reason that I am really excited to get behind the platform and community that Adam is working to put together with www.MeetAdvisors.com.  I have already been able to make some valuable connections through the this community and I have two promising meetings scheduled for next week as a result.  Thanks, Adam, for having the vision to create this valuable platform where Entrepreneurs and Advisors can come together and share strategies and ideas.  I look forward to continuing to contribute and help it grow to its full potential...

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership - Pay-Per-Success

One of our sponsors, rolled out a Thought Leadership Pay-Per-Success for MeetAdvisors community.

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