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The Mister: Saving You Money and Keeping You Cool

Tired of spending too much on your air conditioning?  The Mister, established in 2011, is comprised of a diverse group of engineers in Houston, Texas.  They work diligently to improve the efficiency of commercial and residential AC units, reduce energy consumption, and reduce costs.  Recently, their Kickstarter Campaign received 100% of their pledging goal on just day one of the campaign.

The Mister unit is a supplemental, self-contained, pre cooling system can boost the efficiency of any air-cooled AC unit.  It is compatible with any existing AC setup.   The Mister makes it easier for your existing system to cool your home and only takes a few minutes to install. 

Traditional home based units use “heat exchanger and fan” setups, which means that hot refrigerant is pumped through the heat exchanger while the cooling fan pulls the air through the exchanger’s fins.  The drawback with this method is that when air surrounding the AC unit is hot, the system’s efficiency is drastically reduced.  The Miser uses an evaporative cooling method that drops the temperature of the air flowing through the AC cooling system, which yields colder refrigerant. 

By using specially designed cooling nozzles and an on-board micro-processor, The Mister maximizes the cooling of air while minimizing water usage.  The micro-processor knows when it’s beneficial for The Mister to run and in return, you will have a fine tuned, environmentally conscious system that can reduce 30% of your cooling related energy usage. 

In order for The Mister to operate, the outdoor temperature must be above the preset threshold, the sound from the fan must be detected, and the electromagnetic field, which is generated by the compressor, must be sensed.  These key features work together to help you conserve power and save money.  They are also customizable, and international users can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

To go along with their innovative technology, The Mister created a mobile application as well.  This app gives you access to valuable insight about your power consumption and savings.  Simply enter your electricity rate and AC unit type, and you’ll be able to see reports for any specific period of time.

Are you interested in backing their Kickstarter Campaign?  The Mister’s Kickstarter Campaign will run until December 14, 2014.  Currently, they have 424 backers and have exceeded their goal of $50,000 by $60,000!

Questions, comments, or concerns?  Visit their website or call 1-800-481-MIST (6478).  Interested in becoming a backer for their Kickstarter Campaign?  Visit their campaign site, here.


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