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The Master of Business Intelligence: Cliintel!

There are so many companies in the market today, which lag behind their competitors just due to the absence of a Business Intelligence Strategy. In simpler words, Business Intelligence Strategy implies to get the right information before the right people at the right time. Failure in dosing so has many disadvantages and long-term growth consequences for the companies.

Just to save companies from such situations and provide them with the best available Business analytics and processing solutions, CEO Richard Batenburg established the firm, Cliintel in 2004.

The company's trademark process engineering methodology, INSIGHT, helps you to identify and implement incremental improvements to positively impact every aspect of your business. They provide actionable data to employees at every level of the organization, allowing a faster adoption of strategic initiatives and accurately measuring their impact.

Over the years, Cliintel has excelled in providing Business Intelligence Solutions to various diverse sectors including cable, telecommunications, retail and utilities. The prime focus of their Business Intelligence tools is to overhaul the entire operational strategy of an enterprise and provide valuable insights to increase ROI. Their Business Optimization methodology emphasizes on identifying areas for improvement in a firm and tracking real-time effectiveness of new initiatives. Moreover, Cliintel's methodology aims to reduce repeat service calls, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Providing such beneficial support to different business firms has earned a widespread acclaim for Cliintel. 

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