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The Great Outdoors - Fitness Edition

Many people enjoy the great outdoors, but often for different reasons.  While some people like to exercise outdoors, others may enjoy playing various sports, or both.  These 10 up and coming companies are revolutionizing the activities we can perform in the great outdoors.

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Know any other outdoor companies we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list.

1. No Fault Sport Group 112

No Fault Sport Group started as a tennis court surfacing company and has blossomed into one of the most experienced companies in the sport and recreational industry by offering an unsurpassed level of expertise in a wide range of industries.  Through innovative product development and superior customer service, No Fault Sport Group has earned a reputation as the premier brand in the industry.  Their goal is to safely surface a wide range of areas, from some of the nation’s largest theme parks to major restaurant chains, to municipal playgrounds and more, No Fault Sport Group can handle any sized project with personalized service.  Their belief that customers are their biggest asset and that they will only associate their name with very selective, high quality products, is what led to the decision to include them on this list. 

2. TriActive America 6

TriActive America is a unique company that is doing something that most fitness companies aren’t – they have been revolutionizing the outdoor exercise industry since 2002.  TriActive America believes that fitness products should not only help improve health and well-being, but also combine structured exercise with the natural boost people get from being outside.  Their fitness equipment is designed and built to withstand the elements, easy to install, uses no electricity, and is virtually maintenance free.  Their Outdoor Fitness Zones are typically free for users and help communities take charge of their health without the astronomically high gym membership fees.  Another unique aspect of their products is their wheelchair-accessible and e-shade product lines that guarantee everyone in the community can benefit from use.

3. Piloti 2

Piloti, meaning “drivers” in Italian, is what Europeans call fearless racers who have faced Europe’s toughest roads and tracks.  Thus, the inspiration to name their shoe, that is designed to help drivers conquer fierce conditions, drive better, corner tighter, and get to the finish line first, was obvious.  Due to their extreme dedication to providing a product with innovative biomechanical technology and extreme comfort, Piloti has been the choice brand of car fanatics, Hollywood celebrities, and top racers.  The amount of energy and passion Piloti brings to their company is something to look up to, hence the reason they made this list. 

4. Nicros 2

Nicros is a fun company who builds climbing wall surfaces by combining climbing experience, technical expertise, engineering, and a list of successful projects together in order to create engaging, safe, and fun environments. To date, they have built over one million square feet of climbing wall surface!  Not only will Nicros design the perfect climbing wall for your space, they also will provide risk management training for the end users.  The most unique part of this company, in my mind, is that they are constantly seeking to innovate; when thinking about a climbing wall, you don’t really think of innovation, but Nicros has.  Their innovative products have originated and developed many of the products you see today.

5. Lancaster Archery Supply 1

Lancaster Archery Supply is “Leading the World in 3D & Target Archery.”  Since 1983, Lancaster Archery Supply has fueled the growth of archery by providing equipment to businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide.  LAS promotes the sport of archery by selling hard-to-find archery supplies which support the disciplines of Olympic Recurve, Compound Target, 3D, and more.  LAS was chosen for this list because their team has many years of experience, they are clearly dedicated to the sport of archery, and they are extremely dedicated to providing customers with an enjoyable archery experience.

6. Fitness Connection 1

Fitness Connection is one of the newest and fastest growing US fitness chains; in fact, with 26 locations, they are also one of the top 25 largest US health club chains.  Going to the gym can be intimidating, but Fitness Connection is more than just a gym – they offer an inspiring and interesting, well-rounded approach to fitness to promote healthy living.  Anyone, of any skill or health level, can feel welcome and increase their well being by purchasing a low fee month-to-month membership.  What’s special about Fitness Connection is their dedication to being an active, engaged, community partner in order to lead the way towards health, fitness, and wellness. 

7. Marin Bikes California 0

Marin Bikes California is a company full of devoted professionals who live, preach, and ride what they build.  The business culture of this company is a unique one and stems from their founding place, Marin County, which is full of open space, quiet roads, and trails.  Full of all-year riders, Marin Bikes was built around passionate riders.  Their dedication to their customers is unparalleled through their careful design choices and extensive testing methods, which are perfected until the perfect riding machine is built.  In the middle of Marin County, riding has been described as “exploring heaven on earth;” we’d like to think this company’s culture is the same.

8. All Rite Products 0

All Rite Products is a family owned business that was one of the first companies to make accessories for ATVs.  Their love of the outdoors lead to the development of the All Rite brand, which started in a garage and grew from there.  All Rite Products currently are built for a wide range of ATV and UTV accessories for hunters, farmers, and recreational riders.  Seeking to innovate and make carrying gear or equipment easier while riding an ATV is what contributes to their products that are designed for comfort and convenience.  While their business name is “All Rite,” their products are outstanding! 

9. Outdoor Tech 0

Outdoor Tech received a spot on the list because they are trying to blend a modern lifestyle, which tends to be mobile driven, with the experience of being outdoors.  Outdoor Tech thrives on design, style, and creation when making products that serve real needs for real people.  Their products, which can be categorized as a lifestyle accessory brand, is a leader in wireless audio, portable power, and “Stuff you probably want.”

10. Mountains Plus Outdoor 0

Mountains Plus Outdoor was an early adopter of technology and began selling products online back when Amazon was a ‘new’ site.  While they weren’t the very first company to do this, they’d like to think they were the second.  As one of the first dealers of Camelbak (then FastTrak), they have seen many companies come and go during the 15 years of the outdoor e-commerce industry.  Their belief is that only two things matter when choosing outdoor equipment: how you feel when you buy it and how you feel when you use it; their dedication is to making sure you will feel great doing both.  Their love of the outdoors and adventures has allowed them to constantly look for innovative gear to help you get a better experience.  What ensured their spot on this list was their dedication to helping customers on an individual, interpersonal way in order to help every outdoors lover have a better experience, rather than just looking at them as dollar signs.

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