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Community Blog / The Game of Entrepreneurial Ying Yang or the highs and lows of doing business

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There’s no escaping it—the good, the bad and the invariable challenges entrepreneurs face. Whether working in broad or niche markets, setbacks and breakthroughs will arise. While the latter will help you up the ladder of success, it’s wise to brace yourself for a variety of stumbling blocks and learn from others in various industries.


As Richard Sklena of the REUSA-WRAPS explains, “Getting people to get over being adverse to change,” is a challenge. “Our product is reusable.  It's better for the bottom line, eliminates multi wrapping, eliminates knives in the work place because it doesn't have to be cut and has many more purposes that people need to be aware of.” 



On the upside, Richard acknowledges his company’s biggest breakthrough is the, “Overall sustainability in what we do within our industry, and making headway with major beverage distributors, several produce companies and direct-to-home distributors. Plus, we hold the only patent for reusable pallet wrap.”


When addressing the understanding of neuroscience and how it applies to marketing, Jack Trytten explains, “The biggest setback is getting folks to appreciate the understanding of neuroscience in consumer behavior.” Trytten, who is the president and founder of Insight Direction and author of The G Point, admits, “It's a work in progress.” However he also notes, “The biggest breakthrough in marketing overall comes from the use of cognitive neuroscience within marketing, which is at it's core. We've led the charge on this, having began working with neuroscientists since 1990, pioneering the practice of implementing neuroscience.”



“Visiting famous athletes who found our business and shared our brand with other famous people,” are among the high points for Denim Lounge owner David Shelist. Yet even with a celebrated clientele, he faces obstacles such as, “Currently dealing with being pushed out of our Gold Coast neighborhood, due to rising rents.”


“I was approached to go international,” recalls political campaign consultant Maurice Bonamigo, when asked about his career break. “My domestic success was recognized by international parties who asked me to come to their country.” As far as setbacks, Bonamigo says, “Don't get discouraged. Be persistent!” 


Written by J.R. Via, contributing writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com 

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