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Made in Chicago.

The Future is Here. Embrace It.

The Future is Here. Embrace It.



Unbuckle your seat belt Marty Mcfly, you’re in the future and boy is it crazy. They have an app for almost everything now and even companies whose sole purpose is to make more apps. From file sorting programs to food delivery, today’s entrepreneurs are pushing us toward the 22 century and we love it.

1. MyTime 50


From doctor's appointments to automotive repair, we are constantly trying to book a time slot for something. That means having to Google phone numbers, waiting on a secretary, and then only to find out the time slot you want is full. Who has time for that? Not us. With MyTime, you can now book health & beauty, home & garden, medical & dental, pets, as well as sports & fitness appointments and more all through your smartphone at anytime, night or day.  


CEO, Ethan Anderson said, “Spend money to get speed. Often in a startup, people are too cautious, when in the beginning they need to race towards momentum and a product market fit.”

2. InfoStretch 10


We do everything on our phones, from banking to emailing to games, our phones have almost replaced computers. So if your company wants to stay ahead of the curve, creating a mobile app is highly recommended and InfoStretch can help you do just that. No matter what your company does they will plan and develop an application for it.


CEO, Rutesh Shah, offered this advice: “It’s all about people, whether they are customers, partners, employees, at the end of the day, business gets done through your relationships with people, it is the life line for business.”

3. Nubelo 5


The hardest part of any startup, in our opinion, is actually getting started. Nubelo will help companies write business proposals and set them up with foreign investors. They take the guessing out of the startup game and just make the life of an entrepreneur a little easier.


CEO and Director General, Francesc Font said, “Be able to direct your team into the direction you need them to go in. A common vision is vital. So find find the equilibrium of your teams direction and your direction and get it going towards the vision of the company. Have a timeline in place in order to see the effectiveness of this vision, if it is not working by a certain time, be prepared to change and move on.”

4. Love With Food 4

Love With Food

What’s better than food you ask? How about food that is organic and delivered to your front door each month? For a low price, Love With Food delivers seasonally themed and delicious food to its customers. In addition to feeding our stomachs and souls, for every box sold they donate a meal to a food pantry.  


CEO, Aihui Ong offered this advice: “Do something you are passionate about. Everyday is a challenge and a fight and it will take passion to conquer it!”

5. Venzee 4


If you ask us, physical spreadsheets are probably the worst thing ever. They pile up, take forever to transfer, and are always getting lost. But with the help of Venzee that can all be in the past. This program will allow users to gain an upper hand on their competition by instantly being able to share updates with retailers and distributors.


CEO, Kate Hiscox said, “There is no such thing as too much validation. Many start ups make the mistake by rushing to market with no validation. Your most important currency is time, so calm down, and get as much validation as possible. This way you don't waste your most valuable commodity which is your time.”

6. AmigoCloud 3


Let’s be honest, we would be lost without our respective GPS systems, literally. And just when you think the technology couldn’t get any better, companies like AmigoCloud find a way to use it for business. AmigoCloud is a geospatial platform that helps users collect, manage, visualize, and analyze your location data.


CEO, Ragi Yaser Burhum, offered this advice: “Listen to your customers because at the end of the day, we are creating value for the customer and they will tell you what they want.”

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