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The Evolution of IT

The Evolution of IT



Modern information and technology has changed the methods of doing business and simplified the tasks involved in the product manufacturing processes. With the cutting edge advancements in computer processors and high speed communication networks, IT has developed as quintessential for growth and development of different industries. In today's blog, we present to you companies providing different IT solutions, services, and other products.

1. RNXT 0


If your company requires end-to-end IT services from a trusted source, check out RNXT. Formerly known as Vajrasys, RNXT is located in Minnesota, USA. They're earning worldwide acclaim with its global customer base thanks to their focus on high quality and impeccable service to provide complete solutions to IT needs, such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance).

2. FieldSolutions 0


Few companies specialize in providing high tech services at low costs, and FieldSolutions is one such firm. The company was founded in the year 2007 by Mac Lewis and is currently based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company specializes in providing self-service solutions, managed deployment operations, reactive dispatch services, imaging maintenance services, strategic solutions, field staff employee leasing, SaaS products to field service management, and also provides technological equipment. 

3. Inverra 0


Inverra is an innovative company that provides top-notch business solutions to their clients in a very elegant and precise manner. They were launched in 2001 and are headquartered at Minnesota, USA. The company believes in four characteristics to assist in achieving their targets - creativity in designing and developing interesting and attractive applications with intriguing user interfaces, speed in performing at a faster rate and providind prompt solutions to their clients, recycling and sharing information already developed and processed by others, and teamwork, believing that a strong team will ensure the best results.

4. Telerad Tech 0

Telerad Tech

Combining state of the art healthcare equipment with cutting edge IT, Telerad Tech is a pioneering company in developing innovative and automated radiology systems. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Minnetonka, USA, their goal is to provide healthcare solutions by incorporating cutting edge technology. TeleradTech provides a variety of breakthrough products, such as RADSpa for radiology-related solutions that include top quality analytics, mobile computing and Radiology Information System, CARDIOSpa for cardiovascular imaging and information management, DENTALSpa for Dental Imaging and Diagnostics, and VETSpa for efficient veterinary diagnostics.

5. Blackhawk Incorporated 0

Blackhawk Incorporated

Blackhawk Incorporated, founded in 1987 in Minnesota, provides top-notch technology products and facilities as value added resellers and distributors. Their range of clients is impressive, spanning markets such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation & automobiles, banking, and engineering. They provide a wide array of products, such as computer hardware and software accessories, storage servers, point of sale systems, office supplies, furniture and machines, sanitation, bar code scanning and printing supplies, printer and fax machines, and food service supplies, amongst many others.

6. Build Tools 0

Build Tools

BuildTools is a savvy platform for construction management founded in 2009 by Sven Gustafson. Because it is web based, it is accessible from anywhere at any time. The platform boasts easy management from your email, construction site photos and notes, and much more. Perhaps the most distinguishing factor behind BuildTools is that it is not developed and maintained by any professional software expert or programmer, but by a group of custom home builders and project managers who are dedicated to their craft.



KORE-TEK is a Minneapolis-based firm that provides optical fiber networking to different clients from both public and private sectors. They are is renowned for providing state-of-the-art design and fabrication of optical fiber networks. Moreover, the company strives to satisfy complete engineering, furnishing, installation, and testing needs of their customers by providing different solutions, such as OADM and ROADM, Multiservice SONET, Ethernet over SONET, Carrier Ethernet, and more.

8. BlackDog IT Solutions 0

BlackDog IT Solutions

BlackDog IT Solutions is a very distinct company that provides top-notch IT solutions and services. They stands apart thanks to their impeccable customer support and relations. Moreover, they boast a very experienced and technologically skilled team to help their clients navigate diverse sectors, including the entertainment industry, legal, healthcare and life sciences, and more. Their primary mission is to achieve great business growth through providing great customer service and contributing to the success of their customers.

9. Scale Logic, Inc 0

Scale Logic, Inc

Need Data Storage Solutions? Check out Scale Logic Inc., a Las Vegas-based company with skilled expertise in data storage management. They provides three-way solutions to manage data storage-related problems, by providing hardware, software, and enterprise based solutions. As for hardware, their Genesis product line is the best available solution for RAID, NAS and SAN applications. Further, their software range comprises of High Performance File System for Windows, Linux, and Mac, Project Management Software, Media Management and Archiving Software, and High Performance WAN Optimization.

10. Imagine IT 0

Imagine IT

Turn your visions to life with the innovative IT services of the Minneapolis based firm, Imagine IT! Founded in 1996, they have been providing top notch IT services by incorporating the latest and most advanced developments in this sector. They specialize in cloud computing, collaborative virtualization, backup and storage solutions, VoIP, email and spam protection, and other services aiming at improving functionality for their clients.

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