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The Downs, The Plateaus, and The Ups

The Downs, The Plateaus, and The Ups



When it comes to your business, you will face a great deal of emotions. You will deal with frustration. At times, you will feel stagnant. And at other times, you will be ecstatic about your company’s progression. One way to maintain that excitement of growth is by never placing a limit on how high you can go and never be satisfied with the heights you have reached. In other words, do not ever think you have peaked, simply continue climb. Climbing the ladder in your respective industry can only be made possibly through one thing - marketing. Here are a few companies that continue to rise through their relentless efforts:

1. Mertech 51


Mertech is a leading provider of application development solutions that help small-to-medium sized businesses “build bridges to new technologies.” Their products and services allow companies to modernize mission-critical software and migrate legacy applications to best-of-breed technologies that meet their development challenges. Their software development tools, application development services, and database connectivity kits enable customers to adopt new technologies without sacrificing their investment in existing legacy applications.


“You always need to have a clear idea about the problem you are solving. To do this successfully, you must understand the market and your customers so that you can find the key early adopters.” - Riaz Merchant, President & CEO

2. elsNetwork 30


elsNetwork is the premier provider of fact-based, peer-to-peer comparative intelligence, helping pharmaceutical operations leaders drive commercial excellence. Their advisory and benchmarking services offer access to industry experts and a broad network of professional colleagues; fact-based answers to the question, "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?” and practical, actionable advice for achieving operational excellence.


“When companies are starting they must understand what is required in terms of funding and human resources to be successful. With our data, we are able to advise these companies on the right markets to enter. We can share about areas to expand into, or those markets that are contracting.” - Gary Warner, Vice President, Emerging Life Sciences Network

3. CloudSDS 13


CloudSDS offers a suite of innovative and efficient solutions that empowers clients to reduce complexity and improve performance for business functions related to global Environment Health & Safety (EH&S). Businesses that deal with manufacturing, distribution, transportation, usage and disposal of chemicals and products realizes significant savings by using cloud-based SaaS products and services. CloudSDS products and services helps clients identify and reduce risks and liabilities. The guiding principle of CloudSDS is to reduce complexity, simplify workflow and make workplaces safer.


“We haven’t reinvented the wheel, we are just making it better. We have proven our success through our reference customers--demonstrating our expertise and ability to make all stakeholders more efficient and successful.” - Soumitra Banerjee, Co-Founder

4. Pivotdesk 8


PivotDesk helps startups that need space, find host companies that have space. They give companies all the tools they need to market, manage and monetize their excess space. Not only do they make it easy to find the right guest, they also provide flexible license agreements, handle the payment process and manage all communications once a guest has moved in. They are ushering in the new way people find space to do business.


“Test quickly and then move on the results and then test again. Don’t undertake large liabilities, such as leased office space, when you are growing at a rapid pace. Instead, find the value in shared spaces and the mobility they provide.” - David Mandell, Co-Founder & CEO

5. Conversion Logic 7

Conversion Logic

Conversion Logic is the media industry’s most intuitive cross-channel attribution platform. Built from the ground up by a team of attribution veterans, Conversion Logic’s SaaS platform is designed for CMOs, brand leads and media practitioners who need to make fast and accurate decisions in managing their multi-channel media campaigns around the world. Conversion Logic’s media agnostic technology provides actionable insights in real-time rather than days or weeks, enabling clients to rapidly adapt to changing environments. As an independent company, Conversion Logic is untethered from any media entity influence.


“Hiring a complimentary, team that is each skilled in their specific domains, has been paramount to the success of our business. In addition, making incremental progress each and every day, has allowed us to continually reach and surpass our milestones.” - Trevor Testwuide, Co-Founder & CEO

6. Sonian 5


An early innovator in cloud-based archiving, Sonian preserves, protects and presents the world’s information. More than 20,000 customers in 40 countries trust Sonian’s secure proprietary SaaS platform and cloud search engine to retain and retrieve valuable data and protect intellectual property. Sonian manages more than 20 billion objects in the cloud; every day, 17 million new documents are uploaded to Sonian’s email archive, which is integrated with the world’s 5 largest public clouds.


“When things are down, never give up, keep pushing and discovering all of the opportunity at your fingertips. When you are growing, be brave--don’t be afraid to innovate and continue to push the envelope.” - Tim McKinnon President & CEO

7. EBS Next 4

EBS Next

For 50 years, EBS has provided computing solutions for Equipment Dealers and Distributors around the world. They take pride in their work and relationships with customers—many of whom have been with them for decades. They specialize in the construction, agricultural, lift truck, and material handling equipment industries. When it comes to Software for Equipment Rental, Equipment Service, Parts Inventory, and Accounting, EBS is all you need. Their parts and equipment inventory modules and the rental system are acknowledged to be the best in the industry.


“It is time to innovate when you are experiencing times of slow business growth. Take advantage of down time to train further and expand on your offering.” - Kim Prevost, Director of Business Development

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