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The Digital Marketing Shift

In today’s convoluted digital marketing arena, mastery of the myriad media available to attract the consumer is no longer sufficient for a successful marketing plan. What must be included is the business intelligence necessary to amass and analyze the vast data identifying targeted demographics and relationship management talents to advance a positive public opinion of a business’ products or customer service. Today’s consumers utilize computers, phones, tablets, and even game consoles to broadcast instantaneous reports of their experiences to other potential customers who are relying more on word-of-mouth publicity than they are the more traditional strategically-placed advertisement. The outcomes from these connections include a great deal of very specific data requiring analysis and planning. Marketing departments with large budgets do not face these challenges with ease, so how, then, does a new or small business compete?

Small Businesses Need Small Marketing Budget Solutions

Modest marketing budgets coupled with limited talent spread too thin to stay abreast of marketing industry opportunities and changes result in many small businesses simply unable to compete.  Specialty digital marketing firms are popping up to help businesses stay ahead of the curve, and one particular firm is separating themselves from the pack with affordable, innovative solutions targeted to the small business environ. Mabbly provides marketing solutions through specialized teams armed and ready with the latest strategies in PPC, branding, public relations, social media, and innovation for up-and-coming and established entrepreneurs. Adam Fridman, Mabbly’s founder, established Mabbly in an effort to level the playing field, providing small businesses the opportunity to compete with the creative and technology talents afforded to larger, better-funded enterprises. His attendance at the recent Techweek Chicago 2014 underscored the benefit Mabbly provides for entrepreneurs struggling to tackle digital marketing. The week-long techie escapade highlighted current industry standards presented by the industry’s top professionals and included state-of-the-art education on analytics, software, social media, on-line publishing, empowering your message, and, of course, tech toys. "Mobile is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing for both search and social at lightning-fast rates,” Fridman said. “Aside from the Techweek discussions that focused on mobile, you just had to be there to grasp its influence. Everyone had a smartphone or iPad in hand, likely live tweeting or Instagramming Techweek, which speaks to the pervasiveness of mobile and digital marketing. Simply observing the influx of mobile usage in these settings within only the last few years shows both how rapidly the digital landscape can change and how users quickly adapt to and embrace these advancements."

Small Business Perspectives’ Small Business Focus; Small Business Niche

General marketing firms that continue to craft the traditional push or pull campaigns remain in the running for now.  Specialized digital marketing firms, however, are at the forefront of the industry and businesses integrating their social campaigns, PPC, conversions, and technology will fare better than those that do not. The niche is wide open for entry and will continue to grow as the need for better intelligence and better relationship management grow.  New perspectives and new solutions will set apart the traditional from the cutting edge, and teams such as Mabbly.com will push the boundaries to reach cutting edge solutions and level the field for struggling small business. 

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