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The Components of Healthy Living: 10 Health-Conscious Companies

Living a healthy lifestyle incorporates a lot of elements.  From exercising to health care to testing, these companies can help you achieve all your health and wellness goals.  Here are 10 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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Know any other health companies we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next health blog.

1. Age Defying Dermatology 7

Age Defying Dermatology is a complete dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and medi-spa.  Their goal is to rejuvenate the skin and body by being dedicated to their patients by integrating aesthetics and clinical science with personal care, service excellence, and healthy aging strategies. 

2. Matrix Fitness System Corp 4

Matrix is an industry-leading cardio and strength product provider, and has built their reputation around their ability to provide custom solutions for their customers.  By constantly innovating their products and processes, they are bale to better study the market in order to make a difference for their customers. 

3. MiraVista Diagnostics 1

MiraVista Diagnostics is a certified reference laboratory with an exclusive focus on developing and processing diagnostic tests for serious fungal infections.  Today, the MiraVista team processes over 100,000 tests yearly.  Their clients include large medical research hospitals, health care institutions, and universities, as well as national esoteric labs and veterinary clinics.

4. FreeMotion Fitness 1

FreeMotion Fitness is a premiere manufacturer of the most innovative, advanced fitness equipment in the world.  By developing equipment that allows people to train the way you body actually moves, has led to FreeMotion being the brand of choice for club and elite athletes.  Each product is built to improve flexibility, strength, and balance by replicating natural movements.

5. OrthoTech Sports Medical Equipment, Inc. 1

OrthoTech Sports Medical Equipment, Inc. is a commercial exercise equipment distributer throughout the United States.  While being dedicated to superior customer satisfaction, OrthoTech provides the best equipment in the industry in order to be a major player in the fitness industry.  Their team also provides a plan from concept to completion, including helping with both layout and product selection.

6. Frontline Mobility 0

Frontline Mobility helps you find all of the health care products you need at reasonable prices.  Their goal is to meet and exceed your expectations by offering outstanding customer service, greater flexibility, and value.  With over 40 mobile scooter models to choose from, Frontline Mobility will make the process easier for you.

7. Health Scan Imaging 0

Health Scan Imaging gives you access to the world’s newest and most advanced multi-slice, multichannel, three-dimensional CT and MRI scanners.  The Health Scan Imaging team specializes in early detection of potentially life-threatening diseases with their ultra-sensitive, next-generation technology. 

8. Shaw Center for Women’s Health 0

Shaw Center for Women’s Health offers a wide range of treatments from facials to laser treatments.  Each treatment is tailored precisely to your needs and skin type.  Consultations are free and completed before initial treatment in order to properly identify your needs and evaluate your skin type.  While reviewing your medical history, they also take lifestyle, current regimen, and goals into account when completing a treatment plan.

9. Dattoli Cancer Center 0

Dattoli Cancer Center is the world’s foremost provider of non-surgical treatment for prostate cancer by using a combination of 4D IG-IMRT daily radiation with DART and Palladium-103 seed implant.  The Dattoli Cancer Center treats men who are first diagnosed, as well as patients who have experienced a prostate cancer recurrence following initial treatment elsewhere.

10. Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, Ltd. 0

Orthopaedic Associates of Reading, Ltd.  Strives to provide high quality, comprehensive orthopaedic care in a courteous, convenient, and efficient environment.  By educating their patients, employees, and colleagues, they can better serve individuals with orthopaedic disorders, diseases, technologies, and treatment alternatives.  They specialize in arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle disorders, occupational medicine, and much, much more.

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