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Terrific Tuesday: 10 Companies that Rock

Terrific Tuesday: 10 Companies that Rock



From online ordering to workplace scheduling, these companies are revolutionizing the way business is being done. With advancements in technology, these companies are utilizing the best-of-the-best to provide their customers with services like no other company can provide.

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1. Powerlinx 162


Powerlinx’s mission is to connect the world’s businesses to make them more successful while driving innovation and fueling the global economy. Powerlinx gives clients access to new markets, growth opportunities, strategic partnerships, and more. As a unique online marketplace for businesses around the world to connect with each other, Powerlinx helps customers expand product lines, find new suppliers, and raise more capital.


2. Vetter Software 145

Vetter Software

Vetter Software is a cloud-based total practice management solution for veterinarians. Their online veterinary solution simplifies record keeping while reducing administrative costs and improving collaboration between veterinarians and pet owners. Their mission is to help coordinate and improve the health of pets across the world.


3. Nuvalo 34


Nuvalo simplifies cloud migration by assisting enterprise IT organizations identify, evaluate, negotiate, and manage their ideal provider relationships. As a global consulting and brokerage firm, Nuvalo designs solutions that are best fit for their client’s unique needs. From optimizing colocation builds to mapping migrations the Nuvalo team advocates for secure solutions for your business.


4. uSell 25


uSell helps customers make money by selling their used cell phones. Their commitment to their customers is to ensure that you get the most cash for your cell phone without hassles or hidden fees. In just three easy steps, you are able to determine the highest price from their marketplace of buyers in just 60 seconds. Simply choose your offer while uSell takes care of the rest – from shipping to logistics.


5. Talygen 12


Talygen is a complete business management automation application that is designed for professionals to manage their business. As a leader in business management automation, Talygen is essential for project planning, tracking, and online collaboration. With features that include HR management, expense tracking, and more, Talygen is a cross platform that is compatible with both desktop and mobile web applications.


6. EasyWay Ordering 3

EasyWay Ordering

EasyWay Ordering is a fully customizable e-commerce solution, which is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of online ordering needs of restaurants. Founder, Clarence Williams, thinks, “Ordering great food online should be easy,” which is why he started EasyWay Ordering. It is a business development firm that has revolutionized online food delivery. Currently working with restaurants in the tri-state area, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida, their dedicated team also strengthens each client’s brand by increasing customer loyalty.


7. Shiftboard 1


Shiftboard is a market leader in the workforce management and scheduling space. With a client list that includes Groupon, Sundance, and many other noteworthy names, Shiftboard is looking to maintain a highly competitive status as 2015 approaches. Shiftboard is the best and easiest way to get your employees and volunteers scheduled online. What are you waiting for? Start simplifying your scheduling, today!


8. EnerKnol 1


EnerKnol provides efficient, one-stop solution for energy market participants who rely on critical and comprehensive policy information. EnerKnol provides US energy policy information for market participants as well as providing research and data services to businesses who are impacted by changes in the US energy policy. EnerKnol is the proud creator of New York Energy Week, too.


9. ForecastThis 1


ForecastThis is a predictive modeling engine that enables any data to develop the best predictive model. From lone profiling to risk profiling, ForecastThis has you covered. ForecastThis also automates predictive model selection in order for data scientists and business intelligence leaders the opportunity to make more profitable decisions, faster. What’s the point of big data if you don’t understand it? Get ForecastThis today!


10. Moboom 0


Moboom is a global technology company that is specializing in Mobile First Responsive Web Design for publishers and web development companies. With locations across the United States and Western Australia, they are ready to serve global customers. Moboom enables publishers to utilize a single CMS to publish to the web on any device, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop. Not only does their technology save money, it also saves time for developers.


Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list!

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