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It’s no secret that the housing market can use all the help it can get. Although it’s turning around, slowly but surely, there is still a ways to go and more and more companies are coming out to coax the market back to fruition.

One such company has taken the approach of acting as a consulting firm and liaison between tenants and landlords at no additional cost to the renters.

I spoke to Bill Himmelstein, Founder and CEO of Tenant Advisory Group and he told me what makes his company unique and why the market needs him now more than ever.

In your words, what is the Tenant Advisory Group?

Tenant Advisory Group, or TAG, is a commercial real estate consulting firm. We provide unique services to our clients by being tenant representatives only and by focusing further on representing professional service firms.  We also work best with business owners or trusted advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, and bankers. In additions, our services are at no cost to the tenant as we are paid by the landlord!

Through our skilled and experienced negotiations, we have been very successful in significantly reducing our clients’ leasing expenses, typically between 20-30 percent, or approximately $15,000 per employee. TAG helps our clients find newly built out space, raw space, renegotiate existing leases and/or relocate our clients to more efficient space that better meets their needs. 

The TAG team has grown and thrives together because of its foundation of and commitment to values. We strive every day to put our client's best interest first, simply be honest, act with integrity, use professionalism, be responsive, be punctual, communicate clearly and effectively, and to build strong relationships. These values are reflected in our every day beliefs, our hard work, and most importantly, our relationships with our clients.



What was the inspiration?

I was playing golf with my dad one day, and I felt I was ready to be on my own. However, at the time, I was working on some deals and felt that it was not a good time to start my own business. My dad said to me, "It's never going to be a good time... just do it!" So I jumped in, opened my doors and started TAG in July 2008 and never looked back.

How has business been doing since you started?

TAG has been doing very well since we started. Last year, the end of the year slowed down due to people not wanting to take any vast steps during the elections and the fiscal cliff. But so far, we are growing at a huge rate and are poised to continue. This is a very exciting time for TAG.

What has your biggest failure been with TAG?

Our biggest failure has been waiting so long to start growing the firm and bringing in top-notch talent. Hiring people can be a very scary proposition, as can delegating. But now that we have overcome that hurdle, we are moving full speed ahead!



What has your biggest success been?

Our biggest success has easily been bringing in A players to join the team. We are made up of very strong willed, strong valued individuals that care about our clients and about doing the right thing. It makes it a pleasure to come into work every day when you are surrounded by top-notch human beings.

What about your service is unique that your competitors can't offer?

We are tenant rep brokers only and we do not cost our clients for our services. We provide seamless, integrated real estate solutions while putting our clients best interests first to maximize the clients use of real estate. Every day we support our clients using personal values such as integrity, honesty, responsiveness and follow through. One of the motto’s we base our work on is, “under promise, over deliver”. When we say we will over deliver, be honest and responsive, we mean it. We also pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our clients, and keeping our clients completely involved in the transactional process.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

Go for it. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and start over. Build a strong network of people who you can trust and whom trust you. 



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