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Ten Tools To Make Your Content Ten Times More Awesome

Ten Tools To Make Your Content Ten Times More Awesome



At this point in the online marketing game, everyone knows that killer content is a pretty big driver in acquiring new customers for businesses, large or small. Because it’s so important and thought leaders have shoved it down our throats for the last few years, there has been a ton of bad content created, just for the sake of creating content. It’s truly sad, but it can be fixed!!

In my post today, I want to provide you ten tools that you can use to make your content ten times more awesome! Even on the smallest budgets, you can create great content and can use it to drive your customer acquisition strategies. Let’s go!

Google Instant / Google Related Searches

Google instant is a tool provided by Google that shows you results as you type a search query. Basically, Google is trying to predict your search query and show you results before you finish typing.

Related searches is another tool provided by Google that shows you other popular search queries related to a search. These are found at the bottom of a search engine results pages and typically include 8-10 variations.

By taking the time to analyze the results both in Google Instant and Related Searches, you can get a good grasp of what queries and questions are of interest to your target audience and allow you to crate content around them.




Icerocket is a free tool that allows you to select your source of information (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or all), enter a search query or word and instantly pulls real-time mentions of your query or word from those sources for up to 90 days. This tool will help you get a feel of what people are interested in right now so you can create content that fulfills their real-time needs.




Quora is a question / answer engine where anyone can come and ask questions about anything. The great thing about Quora is that you can analyze what questions are being asked in your industry and create content to address those questions. This content can come in the form of written words, videos, etc.




Topsy is a search engine for Twitter. Their tool allows you to search for content published on Twitter and claim to have a comprehensive index of all tweets dating back to the inception of Twitter in 2006. This will allow you to understand trends in your industry and create content based on those trends.
 is the world’s first interactive infographic creator. Their tool allows you to take your data, plug it in, and use one of their beautiful templates to create stunning visualizations. You can then your visualizations, download them and use them in your content marketing efforts.





Storify is a tool that allows you to curate conversations had via social media and create an embeddable board per say, that you can use to create blog posts with. Take your Storify, supplement it with your own message and insight and you’ve got an amazing piece of content that will get attention.




Feedly is probably the best RSS reader on the market right now. You can use Feedly to monitor your competitors blogs, keywords of interest, your company name, company officials, and see what’s being said. You can then investigate further to understand which of these pieces of content is being shared and why. Knowing this can help you create better content that gets noticed!




Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook Sponsored Posts are a tool to help distribute your awesome content far and wide. If you have amazing content, which you should, by tapping into the Facebook ad network, you can get even more eyeballs and shares of your content.




Up until recently, I thought nRelate was simply a Wordpress Plugin to help you display related content on your own website. Yes, this is one of their offerings, however, they have a network of publishers who agree to post related content from third party websites as “related posts”. Services like these allow you to get your content in front of new audiences and start to build your own.



Reddit Ads

Reddit Ads are another way to get your content in front of your audience. If you have an interesting post, video, or graphic on your site, you can pay to place your content above-the-fold on Reddit and earn up votes. This tool will also help you build your own audience.



After reading this, you’re probably like… wow… that’s a lot of work. However, great content takes a lot of work but with some elbow grease, some great research tools, and some killer promotion tools, you can create and execute a content strategy that is ten times more awesome that what you’re currently doing.


About The Author

Greg Shuey is a co-founder of Stryde, a strategic customer acquisition firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. To learn more about Stryde and how they can help you acquire the most profitable customers, visit their site or check out their blog.

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