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Technology – Innovation at Your Fingertips

Technology – Innovation at Your Fingertips



Thinking and, more importantly, staying innovative are crucial for growing companies. Having the ability to deliver an enticing presentation, providing consumers with a never-before seen product, and thinking creatively will ultimately help lead companies to success. With the progression of technology, innovation is literally at our fingertips and now even our wrists. The nine companies below have found a way to utilize technology and create something efficient and accessible for many people.

1. RoseBud Technologies 91

RoseBud Technologies

Founded in 1995, RoseBud Technologies helps clients get more from their technology investment. Their main focus is to help smaller companies use technology to get maximum ROI, and their passion is helping SMB’s make better use of the technology of their business. They like to help companies make the shift of their technology to the cloud while navigating those waters smoothly. RoseBud Technologies also helps clients create and maintain the technology infrastructure for their business, which includes desktops, servers, cloud based solutions, and other hardware or software. RoseBud Technologies builds and sustains a client-centric relationship instead of selling and completing a project.

2. Primal Sensors 4

Primal Sensors

CEO and Founder Jerry King created Primal Sensors to provide a solution for guests to manage their group members while a business can gain valuable insights as to how their guests interact with a venue or event. They bring location tracking and crowd flow analytics for amusement and recreational events. They brought this new technology to the market so that guests can stay connected with their groups members, the venues can utilize crowd-flow data to operate a better experience for their guests. The uses and applications for both the hardware and software are almost unlimited.

3. Buddy 2


Buddy delivers turnkey data ingestion, data sovereignty (physical location and secure sandboxing), application services, and real-time visualization via a platform that’s live and ready to use. They offer data management to Internet of Things devices while providing a mechanism to house shape, and format data. This data delivers back to the customer and makes that raw data useful to the manufactures and users of the devices. Buddy’s leadership saw unique opportunities in the marketplace so they took their passion for technology and put it towards making a trail as an industry leader.

4. Aireal 1


Aireal enables people to discover and experience digital content in the real world, as well as, purchase and customize the content within a defined piece of volumetric digital real estate. The founders of Aireal saw the potential for this technology years before others, which gave them a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Aireal challenges itself to find the best, most forward-looking way to engineer and intersect many elements. Their proprietary approach to allowing users to place and interact with does not limit the experience to an image or an indoor environment. Aireal believes that their product is something that can restore the world to a natural state while simultaneously making a major leap forward in technological advances.

5. Hopela 1


Hopela is a giving application that helps you give to any non-profit community fund organization in the United States. It also allows users to keep track of all their charitable giving in one convenient spot. Hopela wants their users to discover local causes all around you in the right moment of inspiration. Their passion is technology, and they desire to be on the cutting edge in the charitable giving space. Their app not only allows you to keep track of all your charitable giving in one simple spot, but also lets you share the moments with others.

6. Astra 1


Astra serves customers throughout the world by applying its IT expertise and business systems knowledge to complete and extend the capabilities of ERP systems. They have enterprise resource planning, but do not offer traditional SAP and Oracle. Astra mostly serves mid-large private companies or manufacturing and supply chain areas where the software works. In all, Astra is an international organization with specialized practice areas in ERP technical services, business process automation, ECM solutions, and CRM software services.

7. Chirality Capital Consulting 1

Chirality Capital Consulting

Chirality Capital Consultants solve complex problems through a trusted network of subject-matter experts that deliver custom solutions attuned to their client’s needs. Their mission is to empower their clients to optimize their organization and achieve business results through focused strategic planning and effective brand development. They are a management- consulting firm that provides quality-consulting services to federal, commercial, state, and local clients. They possess a broad range of services so they have acquired extensive experience within various markets and agencies including DOD, Healthcare, and Intel. Chirality’s main focus is on the individual, not just the bottom line. They provide an environment where an entrepreneur can grow and learn in order to create a better life.

8. Avenue Technologies and Commodities Inc. 1

Avenue Technologies and Commodities Inc.

Avenue Technologies and Commodities Inc. is a rapidly growing small business in the Federal Sector that specializes in advanced software development. They focus on sensor side software development as well as offering specialized security clearance staffing services to the public and private sector. AVTC provides a full array of personnel in the IT arena. From Systems Integration to advanced Cloud Computing, they cover it all.

9. PicScout 0


PicScout is a technology company that builds tools to allow images to be easily tracked and monetized across the Web. They are a global leader in image tracking. Their identification uses proprietary and scalable image recognition fingerprinting technology. This technology enables clients to protect and promote image usage across different types of digital platforms and devices. PicScout’s services help clients monetize images while fostering the creative art of photography because they too believe that knowing a picture is worth a thousand words. PicScouts’s powerful technology is helping photographers around the globe protect their work and build better businesses at the same time.

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