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Techie Tuesday: 10 Companies Blowing Away the Competition

Techie Tuesday: 10 Companies Blowing Away the Competition



As new technologies are created, new businesses find increasingly innovative ways to use it. From inventing new technology to using the latest and greatest, these 10 companies sure know how to utilize the power of technology.

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1. The Veloz Group 1479

The Veloz Group

By utilizing their expertise of technological, operational, and managerial skills, The Veloz Group builds and grows businesses, while serving as technology partners to other organizations. They firmly believe in the value of empowering people in order to get people to work on the projects that they feel most passionate about. Their collaborative environment lets ideas flow without constraining creativity, which allows them to serve a full range of stakeholders from clients to partners to investors and more.


2. Boston Human Capital Partners 133

Boston Human Capital Partners

Boston Human Capital Partners is an innovative recruiting management consulting firm that specializes in rapid talent growth strategies for technology start-ups. They know that a company’s greatest asset is its people, which is why they take the time to get to know their clients’ business in order to identify the right candidates for them. While their approach is somewhat uncommon, they have been highly successful.  


3. Lemonlight Media 39

Lemonlight Media

Lemonlight Media is a video marketing company that guarantees to deliver your message directly to local customers. Did you know that video marketing is now the most effective form of internet advertising across the globe?  It is, and in order to tap into these resources, Lemonlight Media works with you to create the perfect video that represents your brand.  From scripting to casting to location, they ensure that production is perfect.  Videos can then be used on your website, social media channels, and email marketing to help grab customer’s attention. 


4. .XYZ 17


Making a website and don’t want an old .com, .net, or any other domain extension?  Want a short, memorable domain to attract your audience? .XYZ is the new go-to extension that can be registered and used by anyone! This unique new domain extension allows you to use it in any situation – for your startup website to product promotions to personal portfolios; .XYZ is for every website, everywhere.  The XYZ team’s mission is to bring choice, accessibility, and innovation to the domain namespace – with over 725,000 registrations in less than 6 months, we believe they’ve done just that.


5. Pingup 12


Pingup, the aggregated booking API, gives directories, local guides, maps, social networks, and search engines, the ability to add booking capabilities directly into mobile and web applications. This 24/7 access makes the process of booking appointments much easier for your clients.  Say your customer is reading a review of your hair salon -- they see the booking button and can instantly book an appointment without ever leaving the site or app they are on.  This real-time “book it now” scheduling puts the power in the customers hands by allowing them to schedule appointments on their mobile phones, rather than calling and hassling with both their schedule and your open appointment slots.   


6. Plantbid 9


Plantbid is the only horticulture platform that lets you source your whole plant list at one time, from growers who provide their complete availabilities. Founder, Cameron Cantrelle, has been in the landscaping business for half of his life. Rather than spending time completing important tasks, Cameron found that he was spending increasing amounts of time figuring out the best place to buy the plants he needed. That’s when he teamed up with Co-Founder, Dave Wooden, who made the whole process easier to handle rather than managing numerous spreadsheets, countless phone calls, and waiting for callbacks. Plantbid grew from there and is now using technology in a way that makes the entire process simpler for their users.


7. nCrypted Cloud 4

nCrypted Cloud

Founded in 2012 to cater to the increasing demand in cloud security, nCrypted Cloud allows users to securely share with anyone in the cloud. By eliminating the hassle of sharing with others over servers, USB, fax, FTP, or SharePoint, this unique way of sharing allows users to securely share sensitive files their team, contractors, clients, and more. Their cloud also allows you complete control of your files, even after you’ve shared them. With features like disabling viewing, real-time audit trails of all data activity, as well as read-receipt notifications, nCrypted Cloud gives you the security you need to keep your files protected.


8. AV Planners 2

AV Planners

AV Planners is the largest, privately owned, full-service audio visual system integration firm in the country. Their nationwide footprint, comprehensive menu of products, and expertise make AV Planners the ideal partner for all your communication, collaboration, and presentation needs. By taking the time to build relationships with their clients, they are able to provide custom designed and installed services for clients, as well as modify solutions in an extremely timely manner. As a technology partner, AV Planners walks you through the steps from architectural design through budgeting and more.


9. netBlazr 1


netBlazr provides affordable, high-speed internet to residences and businesses as an alternative solution to the “big guys” that force people into high-cost service bundles that they don’t want or need. As a locally-owned business that offers “nothing but net,” their team believes that everyone has their own way of using the Internet, thus why you shouldn’t have to pay for services you don’t want or need. Rather than providing good promotional deals, netBlazr automatically provides affordable, high-speed Internet with no contracts, no teaser rates, and no termination fees. netBlazr, free your broadband.


10. Zola 0


In order to give modern couples modern online offerings, Zola was created.  The founders experience in building interactive e-commerce experiences gave them the leverage to create a new way for modern couples to register for kitchen equipment, furniture, food, experiences, honeymoon funds, and more.  With Zola’s help, modern day couples can now create a fully customizable registry with a single checkout and is accompanied by unique features for guests, like group buying. 


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