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Techie Friday!

Techie Friday!



Information Technology consultancy firms have metamorphosed their services from just repair and maintenance, to providing end to end market solutions for large business companies. From the last few years, not only they have shaped up new ways of doing business but have also helped in accelerating complex industrial processes by providing state of the art technology. Thus, we have compiled a list of sum up and coming IT consultancy firms that are quickly growing in stature and market share.

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1. Additech 17


 Additech is the only company to provide consumers with an automated system for cleaning and maintaining their automobile fuel systems - right at the gas pump while they are pumping their gas. The company is based in Houston. Additech designs, builds and operates a unique at-the-pump automobile engine maintenance system. Additech’s system blends specialty fuel additives into fuel as it is pumped. These specially blended fuel system products clean vital engine parts as consumers drive.

2. RedFile, LLC 3

RedFile, LLC

RedFile, LLC is the first information governance consultancy in the world to incorporate BeyondRecognition's suite of technology in its IG models for data remediation, migration, classification, business intelligence, litigation discovery, compliance and other enterprise data initiatives. They leverage data to inform and drive your business and governance decisions. Their multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, enterprise content management experts, records management and information security professionals bring their experience and expertise to help clients achieve their data and governance objectives

3. Expert Computer Solutions (ECS) 1

Expert Computer Solutions (ECS)

Expert Computer Solutions (ECS) is an information technology company that specializes in maintaining and improving the technology investment of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses. ECS works with business owners and executives to take control of their IT systems, maximize efficiency, and design technology solutions that will best benefit each business.


4. Tendenci 0


Tendenci is a software platform designed for organizations with powerful features for membership management, event registration, content management, fundraising and donations management, and email communication. Tendenci allows organizations of any size to communicate, manage and conduct transactions for their members with extensive reporting, multiple security levels and an easy-to-use admin interface. Tendenci is a fully customizable "out-of-the-box" solution that allows nonprofits to get up and running quickly.

5. Percento 0


Percento personalizes the IT experience with a team approach, working with clients from diverse sectors of industry, including banking, legal, health-care, energy and corporate business. Their mission is, "Creating innovative IT solutions to satisfied clients worldwide and building relationships based on trust, professionalism and high ideals".

6. Keanr 0


Keanr is the revolutionary tool to upgrade your social life experience. It is a VC backed internet platform. As the first company to offer "social-life insurance," it is considered an Amazon equivalent for events and activities. Keanr's mobile and web app offers live music, movie tickets, sporting events, yoga classes, anything else that can be deemed as an event or activity.

7. Wright Technologies 0

Wright Technologies

Wright Technologies has gone beyond delivering merely IT solutions to their customers. They know successful technology isn’t about slick hardware or the hottest new product; it’s about reaping the benefits that great technology affords your business – more efficiency and higher profits.  With every unique challenge, they are committed to getting you there. Through collaboration, partnership, and custom-tailored service, each technology problem they solve is designed to bring your business closer to its goals. 

8. Business Rule Solutions LLC 0

Business Rule Solutions LLC

Business Rule Solutions LLC helps to apply the business rule model to other companies. They provide consultation services to help companies work more efficiently. They provide advice on regulatory services and help create projects that will improve the business.

9. Enstep Technology Solutions 0

Enstep Technology Solutions

Enstep Technology Solutions is a technology business partner and service provider for consumers and small to medium sized businesses in the Houston area. They proudly operate a lean business model that allows them to be very flexible and accommodating in providing support and leadership to your organization. They have a proven track record to deploying and supporting business solutions that have brought tremendous value to their customers. Their goals are to understand how you do business, where your technology plan is not working, provide vision, guidance, and leadership, and then provide the means to fulfill those plans. 

10. Curious Minds 0

Curious Minds

Curious Minds are a creative social enterprise delivering high quality programs and services to partners and clients concerned with education and learning, regeneration and cohesion, and the development of social and emotional well-being. They believe it is everyone’s right to have the opportunity to live, learn and work creatively and we work to realize this ambition by enabling creative collaboration. They pride in their ability to make collaborative partnerships work effectively and are experienced in developing partnerships between a wide range of service providers. 

Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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