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Tech Companies You Shouldn't Live Without



With technology playing such a vital role in our daily lives, there are things we absolutely need, but do not have. That ends here. Necessities such as easy ways to communicate with our coworkers, knowledge that our documents, pictures, and videos are stored somewhere safe, being able to address a minor offense on our phones instead of physically going into court, and more are all possibilities with the latest and newest apps and web pages. Here are the eight tech companies and apps you absolutely you shouldn't live without:



1. ShopSnap 25


Get to an online store in a snap! ShopSnap was created from scratch to be functional in the Cloud and the mobile environment, and was designed from conversion experience, in order to provide perspective for the resellers. ShopSnap is a modern ecommerce platform, whose mission is to make online shopping easy and appealing.  ShopSnap is cheap even with large volumes, has impeccable conversion on all sales channels, secure, and strategically designed to increase sales. Additionally, they have a private API (application program interface) in which their partners can take advantage of, by helping companies get up-and-running lightning fast (in a minute or less) at affordable prices.

2. Parabal 18


With work consuming the majority of our day, the world needs an application that enables an individual’s occupation relatable to his or her personal life. Parabal is a enterprise mobility company that works off of all devices, such as desktops and smart phones, helping to make employees more productive, while freeing up their schedules to have more flexibility. Their mission is to make every customer's work life relatable to their personal life. Parabal creates and installs processes and workflows, which help make the quality of daily work-life easier, secure, and more enjoyable.

3. Creatrix Inc 13

Creatrix Inc

Creatrix Inc. is a woman-owned small business specializing in systems integration, biometrics, credentialing, case management, and software engineering. Their mission is to provide big business capabilities with small company agility. Some of their customers have included Accenture, AOL, Sun Microsystems, Lockheed Martin, among others. Creatrix's Android app captures an image of owner’s fingerprint, has the ability to feed information into a storage Cloud, and even identify potential terrorists.


 Biometrix™ is Creatix Inc.’s biometrics system integration platform designed to simplify the process without having to, “Reinvent the wheel,” of a Cloud based integration platform. Their goal is to introduce Cloud, create more mobile for devices in order to simplify, and make more cost effective types of solutions. The application can be implemented to an organization’s internal infrastructure or on the Cloud. Biometrix™ supports the mission of a variety of organizations ranging from the military, law enforcement, and government agencies to financial corporations and healthcare firms.

4. Boxer 5


With the world being constantly connected, there are blurred lines of personal and business connectivity. People love social and gaming apps, but unfortunately, there aren't many productivity software solutions that are both intuitive and nice looking. Boxer is the rare exception with their mobile productivity software, making mobile productivity pleasant, functional, and useful. Boxer believes in user choice, in that their app is the most highly customizable app on the market, thereby allowing users to create their own workflow.



Caarmo: healthcare for your car. Caarmo is a help network for vehicles designed to assist customer, ranging from families to fleet owners, by making them feel more secure.  CAARMO analyzes vehicle data directly from your car’s computer by using state of the art technology that allows you to virtually understand what your car needs. CAARMO provides efficient safety, security, and peace of mind. Additionally, AAA is of close relation to them. CAARMO is similar to a concierge service in that it assists facilitate towing service partners. They are working through repair shops, creating increased value for the end consumer.

6. Court Innovations 4

Court Innovations

Have you ever failed to appear in court for a minor offense, such as a moving violation, because you simply did not have the time to attend your court date? Court Innovations is developing and implementing an online negotiation system for courts and constituents. They help resolve litigant’s issues online by providing solutions without needing to hire an attorney. Court Innovations connects a judge, prosecutor, and the violator through the web, reducing unnecessary time to physically go into court. This company was able to identify that a court appearance for minor offenses, such as moving violations and warrants, was no longer necessary, and created a fast and easy online solution! 

7. Tech Talent South 3

Tech Talent South

Tech Talent South has created what they believe to be an essential “coding boot camp” to demystify and teach coding. They saw the need in the marketplace for skilled coders, whether it be building websites or back-end systems. Their ultimate goal is to develop more tech talent in the South and empower folks to do something BIG. After finding success in it's initial markets, Tech Talent South has continued to set its sights on city after city in the South. They believe that engaging the South with skilled technology, it will have a positive impact on the tech community by doing its part to fuel innovation.

8. MobiTen 3


There is a major need to transfer information to the mobile devices we commonly use while at work, home, or even the gym. After recognizing this crucial necessity, MobiTen created Venta. This app allows businesses and employees to communicate, collaborate, and use data for sales, marketing and operations. Venta is a mobile app that manages and facilitates the presentation of data in a unique way to boost engagement amongst employees. Additionally, Venta provides companies the ability to manage content for their entire team in a synchronized and efficient manner on mobile devices, while developing interactive content.

9. Clearvue Networks 2

Clearvue Networks

Clearvue Networks is an IT (information technology) services company offering a variety of services including IT solutions, cabling, security and access, and telecommunication services. They're an all-inclusive one-stop-shop for small to moderately sized companies. Clearvue Networks see and approach the following trends in the IT industry: high-speed, multi-location Internet that has the ability to cross state boundaries and the newly popular security and surveillance from mobile and tablet devices. ClearVue Networks is dedicated to delivering the right IT solutions for your business needs.

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