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We’ve all gotten that phone call from our parents. It started when they couldn’t figure out how to remove a blender from their online shopping cart and now they’ve somehow ordered a set of 20. You’ve become IT support and you’re not even getting paid for the frustrating half hour it takes to figure out that they never even finished putting in their payment information. You could’ve jumped right back into your How I Met Your Mother marathon in a matter of minutes if you could have just seen what they were talking about.

Much like the sprawling jungles of South America, the web can be a vast and intimidating space for the uninitiated, and even if you know what you’re doing sometimes it can be nice to have another set of eyes helping you make that big purchasing decision. St. Louis startup Click With Me Now wants you to bring along a friend for the ride with its no download, seamlessly integrated co-browsing technology. Using Click With Me Now, browsing the web with a friend can begin with just a single click on participating websites.

We sat down with Click With Me Now co-founder and CEO Brian Handrigan, who sees the revolutionary service as the first connection between social and commerce on the web.

What is the backstory behind Click With Me Now?

Mark Comiso and I were working together on an online health insurance product for a smaller health insurance company back in 2009. The product was in the medicare supplements space so it was focused on seniors.

As we were going through that one of the things that we focused on was a lot of end-user elements. We were really trying to understand how people would interact. From our research we discovered that there was a need for adult child assistance, where folks turning 65 would go to their adult child for help with decisions.

We set out to find a technology that an everyday consumer would be willing to use. We weren’t looking to invent a company but what we found is that the technology didn’t exist. We ended up setting out to make the most barrier-free web sharing platform possible.



What are some primary uses for collaborative web browsing?

It’s been really exciting; with all of the buzz we have people bringing ideas to us, which is utterly amazing. We do think that our market is literally every person that uses the internet, but that said we’re also fairly responsible entrepreneurs and realized that we need to focus and start somewhere.

We’ve identified about five to seven key industries that we think are going to be our initial launch verticals including financial services, health insurance, travel, real estate, big ticket online purchases, higher education enrollment and financial aid, and more social shopping experiences like fashion.

What role do you see collaborative web browsing taking on down the road?

We see Click With Me Now as the glue between social and commerce. Folks have been trying to crack the commercial benefit of social media for a long time. We’re actually that first point that connects, with people socializing with other people on the same website at the same time. We think we help bridge those gaps and make commerce flow more smoothly.



What’s one area of your business that’s keeping you up at night?

There’s always money. We just came off of closing a round, and that was great, but we’ve got a multi-year product roadmap as well, so we hope to not just be a one-hit wonder with an initial feature.

We don’t want to dilute the company so much from raising too much money now, but at the same time we want to make sure we have enough money when we need it. The great thing is the tech’s not keeping me up at night, because it’s coming along phenomenally. Definitely not the interest, because we’ve got people reaching out to us. I’d say cash always keeps me up at night.



What’s something you’ve learned along the way that you wish you had known when you started this venture?

While this isn’t my first business, this is my first public fundraising experience. The next time I do this I now know a ton more about structuring deals and raising money. I wish I had known more about that in the very beginning. I think we could’ve been a lot more efficient, both from how we presented our company, how we pitched it to investors, and even how we structured early ideas of term sheets versus the deals as we got into our round.

The good thing is now I know and I’m constantly learning. Hopefully next time we’re a lot more efficient at it than we were this time.



What’s next for Click With Me Now?

It’s going to be coming out of beta and launching. Hopefully if the timing gods work in our favor we’re going to announce some big brands that we’re going to have onboard. Our goal is to really be the de facto web co-browsing technology that people trust for commercial transactions.

What’s next is really getting our technology out on as many high profile websites as possible. Next is the launch and we can’t wait to see how or traction picks up then.

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