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Stay Healthy – Get Health Insurance

Today, healthcare insurance options are changing on the daily, but what plan is best for you?  It can be difficult to choose an option that best aligns with your personal needs.  You can’t go wrong with any of these companies, here’s 10 we’ll be keeping our eye on.

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1. eXude 2

eXude is a consulting partner that provides a range of organizations with exceptional customer service and a wide range of solutions.  Their team of dedicated, experienced professionals guarantees that knowledgeable service experts will be addressing areas of your portfolio such as health and wellness, retirement plans, and much more.  They put their customer’s needs first and strive to find the most comprehensive, cost effective, solutions for all their clients needs.

2. Medigap360 2

Medigap360 is a Medicare Supplement Insurance company who provides more cost effective solutions to seniors.  Their nationwide senior health insurance brokerage serves Medicare recipients by providing an online and agent assisted shopping platform of multiple top rated Medicare Supplement plans. 

3. National Healthcare Access 0

National Healthcare Access consults employer groups of all sizes, and they also design, analyze and initiate a health care planning strategy to meet the goals of their clients and their employees.  NHA’s approach is different than traditional services, they believe in spending the time to learn about each of their client’s goals and objectives, in order to develop a plan that suites everyone’s needs.  With over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, NHA has built close relationships with over 30 of the nation’s leading insurance carriers.

4. Insurance Applications Group 0

Insurance Applications Group is a licensed National employee benefits firm that specializes in product design, communication, and administrative processes of supplemental insurance products for specific, vertical markets.  IAG created a new Defined Contribution health insurance product in order to address the needs of any mid to large sized company as a result of health care reform legislation.  By applying a combination of technological applications and data transmission, IAG provides clients with quality insurance benefits and high levels of customer service. 

5. EthiCare Advisors 0

EthiCare Advisors is a leading medical cost containment organization that is geared towards assisting medical claim payers control costs on expensive claims and claimants with chronic conditions.  The EthiCare Advisors team consists of dedicated professionals that can quickly and accurately assess a claim and deliver multiple cost containment settlement options to the payer. 

6. Alltrust Insurance 0

Alltrust Insurance is an independent insurance agency that specializes in Group Health Insurance and all other employee benefits.  Their clients are their number one priority, which is why clients can trust their advisors’ unbiased advice, which helps make decisions about the right healthcare insurance just that much easier.  Their numerous years of experience, integrity, and sound recommendations, makes them Florida’s #1 employee benefits advisor.

7. InsurMark 0

InsurMark specializes in fixed, fixed-indexed annuity, and life insurance.  Their intense focus allows them to promote and market only the most innovative products from the industry’s top-rated companies.  Their dedication, accessibility, enthusiasm, and personalized service helps them stand out in a crowd of competition.

8. The Phia Group 0

The Phia Group is a provider of health care cost containment techniques, who offers comprehensive claims recovery, plan document, and consulting services in order to control health care costs and protect plan assets.  In order to achieve their mission, The Phia Group uses innovative technology, legal expertise, and flexible customer service. 

9. Continental Health Alliance 0

Continental Health Alliance is a full-service, national insurance organization dedicated to supporting the best senior market insurance agents in the United States.  CHA’s mission is to offer old-fashioned ethics and customer service, while embracing today’s technology.  With changes in health care and health care insurance changing daily, CHA believes transparency is more important than ever.  CHA makes it easy to shop and apply for individual and small group health insurance needs, with free instant online insurance quotes and applications. 

10. Ritter Insurance Marketing 0

Ritter Insurance Marketing builds advanced software applications internally, and can change or improve the software based on agents’ feedback.  While they provide a wide array of insurance carriers and products, agents can always find high-quality carriers that meet their business needs. 

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