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Is anyone else here a total bibliophile? I adore books; without even touching on how they can transport you anywhere in the world (including Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry—yes, I am the one who listed Harry Potter as her favorite book), I love the way they smell, I love turning pages, whether they’re crisp and new or old and soft with wear, and I love the satisfaction of closing the book once I’ve finished it.


Unfortunately, I also love the convenience of my Kindle and how many books it can carry at once. So I want to have my cake and eat it, too and now I can with Stache & Hyde, a luxury accessory brand. They created the ultimate tablet case for people who wish they were reading an actual book, but aren’t willing to give up the convenience of modern technology.


The founders, Mobolaji Akintunde and Sofia Adawy, sat down and told me about the case and why it’s totally worth getting one.


What is Stache & Hyde?

Stache & Hyde is a luxury travel goods & accessories brand.




What was the inspiration behind it?

We are inspired by the opportunity to express ourselves when we travel--whether it’s every day on the El or jet setting overseas. We love art and fashion and we both have a passion for travel and discovery, so Stache & Hyde became a natural expression of who we are.


How old is the company?

Stache & Hyde was founded in 2012 and our debut product is the StacheBook iPad case, which launched on Black Friday.


What has been your biggest failure so far?


Our biggest failure was prematurely cancelling our Kickstarter campaign for the StacheBook.


What are your favorite books?


MA: I am a marketing connoisseur, so I find myself jones'ing over Rework (37Signals), The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell), Linchinpin (Seth Godin) and War of Art (Steven Pressfield).


SA: Well, I spend a lot of time elbow-deep in medical journals and textbooks (Sophia is a physician by day and an entrepreneur by night). When I do read for fun, I typically stick to non-fiction, as well. I love everything ever written by Mary Roach, Oliver Sacks, and Malcolm Gladwell. 



Why does the product cost so much money, and why is it worth it for people to splurge?

StacheBooks may be expensive to some and a drop in the bucket to others.  Each StacheBook is handmade in Chicago by our partnering bookbindery that has over 60 years in experience. The fabrics that cover our StacheBooks are carefully chosen for quality, durability and of course, style. Our goal is to provide products that are worth every penny and more.

The Stache & Hyde customer has a clear understanding of what the StacheBook provides, from function to aesthetics. The uniqueness and appearance of the StacheBook has brought leads and new business to several of our customers and has opened up new relationships for others. Our customers often share with us their stories of how the StacheBook provided opportunities to meet people and we are proud to provide that for them. 


What’s next for Stache & Hyde?

Business is growing and we are greatly appreciative of the love and support we have received thus far. We recently were featured in a German-based magazine; since then we have seen over 400 unique visitors to our site daily, and consistent international sales as a result.  


We will be launching our new website by the end of May, and we are excited for the continued growth.



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