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With blogging becoming a more and more influential Internet powerhouse, it’s no surprise that blogger networks have been receiving quite a bit of attention lately. Just last month we highlighted Kelly Ryan O’Brien and the Chicago Blogger Network, and recently I had the chance to speak to another big name in the cyberspace.

MJ Tam runs Chicagonista, a city-oriented lifestyle magazine, and has recently been getting attention for her new project. Social Rev Up is an event-planning company that seeks to connect bloggers and brands to help create mutually beneficial partnerships.

I had a lightning-round interview with the busy entrepreneur about her fledgling new business and her plans for the future.



Why did you start Social Rev Up?

I’ve been blogging since 1999, so when the social media realm really exploded I naturally began being active in those channels too. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and all the others just naturally followed.

Through those venues and through my work at Chicagonista I built a large network and community of bloggers. I saw the value of bloggers and brands working together but noticed that the right connections weren’t often being made, so I started Social Rev Up.

What we are is an event company that seeks to help build and bridge successful alliances between bloggers and brands, particularly those marketing to women and families. We design events that are centered around social media and blogging, find influential names in the network and invite marketers who are serious in building professional relationships.



What are the key aspects of Social Rev Up?

We have a number of smaller events we host throughout the year, mainly along the lines of mix and mingle networking affairs, but our biggest event is a yearly summit that we call our Brands and Bloggers Summit. We host a series of educational and fun sessions for our attendees that focus on best practices and networking opportunities. We have Q&A’s, panel discussions and after hours events that go along with it.

Along with the Summit we host something we call BB Radio which is a weekly talk show hosted by our partner Beth Rosen of 4Keys Media that is on every Wednesday leading up to the BB Summit.

Are you hosting a Summit this year?

This year the blogging powerhouse BlogHer will be in town hosting a major conference, so we’re going to sit this summer out. However, Social Rev Up will be in attendance, and I will actually be speaking during the conference. 

What’s next for Social Rev Up?

There is a lot to be learned, not just about the community but about the regulations that go along with it. The FCC is constantly changing and updating its rules, so we’re constantly changing our literature, our panels and our information sessions to stay updated.

We just want to continue educating bloggers to make the right decisions when it comes to working with brands.

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