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Social campaigns got you down? Not anymore!

Rignite is a software company, working to help businesses get results from social marketing. These days everyone is talking about capturing big data, and how social can bring ROI, Rignite makes these things possible. They allow companies to run end-to-end social media campaigns across multiple networks, get campaign level reporting to know what is working, monitor and engage from a single dashboard, schedule posts, save time spent on social with team collaboration features. Basically, everything you could need out of a social campaign software!

We understand how difficult it can be to manage and track a digital campaign, and having a software such as Rignite ensures that the whole process runs smoothly. Spending hours planning a social campaign, only to come out of it having no idea if it is successful is very discouraging. Rignite is one of those companies that will work with you to ensure that you see the results of your social media campaign.

Rignite even helps with social contests, which can be one of the best ways to create engagement and brand awareness for a company, but can be very difficult to track in house.

We love software companies such as Rignite, because we feel that they are helping educate companies on the best social media practices! 

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