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Smart Ideas That Grew Into Smart Businesses

Smart Ideas That Grew Into Smart Businesses



For today's blog, we'd like to share with you some companies who have transformed innovative ideas into successful businesses that clients love.

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1. Evince Development 80

Evince Development

Need IT solutions for your firm? Check out Evince Development, who provides IT solutions to its clients, as well as Software outsourcing and offshore software development. The company aims at providing top quality IT solutions and services at very marginal costs, earning them a very positive reputation among its customers and competitors. The company provides a range of different services including Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps Development, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, SEO techniques, and many more.

2. CEIVA 11


Digital Photo Frames are a big craze nowadays, but most of the digital frames available in the market are very similar to each other and monotonous in their functionality. They all lack an extra bit of spark and uniqueness. That's why CEIVA stands out from all its peers - they create magic with their work. CEIVA has earned a huge acclaim over the years, and rightfully so. Their picture frames boast integrated connectivity that allows you to send amazing pictures from anywhere in the world. This feature has not only amazed people but also it has revolutionized the whole idea of sharing pictures! Brilliant, isn't it?

3. Element Technica 4

Element Technica

Element Technica, founded by Hector Ortega and Stephen Pizzo, manufactures top quality and innovative equipment for professional cameras from Canon, Sony, and Red. The company provides great customization options to your camera by making state of the art, breakthrough equipment ranging from Camera Supports, Battery & Power Systems, Elemental Protection, and Lens Control Systems. They've worked for various high profile clients including NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Program and have contributed mechanical designs to Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

4. Tamble 2


Tamble, launched in 2012 from Minneapolis, is a unique and attractive way of marketing. It imparts a fresh and innovative approach to your business marketing strategy and helps users achieve a greater number of sales.

Moreover, to achieve top placement of brands, they incorporate different techniques involving proper media management, SEO tools, different warehousing services, etc. Their venture funding strategies include Venture Capital Investment and Management, Projection Strategies, Proper Resource Deployment, and more.

5. Redpath Consulting Group 2

Redpath Consulting Group

Redpath Consulting Group provides cloud-based solutions for your business. Cloud-based solutions are a new innovation to boost your business and trade; it not only improves the level and scope of marketing, but it also maintains a form of continuum in the business strategy implementation of your firm. Sales and overall performance see a boost, making it a great choice. The Redpath Consulting Group was established in 2008 in Minneapolis by Paul Selway. Redpath Consulting group is a cloud alliance partner of

6. SmarthomePRO 2


Smarthome provides whole solutions related to home automation based services. Their products and services range from different types and classes, including lighting, security, networking, wiring, home theater, and more. Smarthome includes a wide range of products and services, enabling buyers to get everything from a single source. They launched their first product catalog back in 1992 and it has been growing since then.

7. All Covered 1

All Covered

IT Services have taken business methodologies by storm! Not only they have made things simple, but they've reduced the time-consuming ordeal involved in otherwise hectic processes. One such IT Service firm is All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc. The firm solely aims to provide quality services to different businesses around the country. It specializes in providing various services ranging from Networking Consultancy, Cloud Computing, IT Strategies and Development, Application Design and Development, and many more. Check them out today!

8. FamDoo 1


Being a parent is a tough job - between countless daily responsibilities, raising a child simply isn't easy. As a result, we fail to impart good ethics and morals into the character of our child. But to make the job easy, we can use the app FamDoo. FamDoo is the creation of Mark Lacek, who, along with his wife, wanted an easy way to allocate time for their children to spend performing responsible activities. FamDoo is very easy to use; you simply sign up and create an account. Following regristartion, points are purchased, which are awarded to your children when they successfully complete an activity. Parents and Kids can build their different profiles on FamDoo. Whenever a child completes an activity, the parent is sent a notification to review the activity. By awarding a point to your child, he/she gets entitled to spend that point on charity, music or gift downloads, etc. It's a great way to manage chores and reward, so try it out!

9. Galactic Edge 1

Galactic Edge

Galactic Edge, launched in 2010 from St. Paul, Minnesota, is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals who provide web development and design services to their clients all over the world. Galactic Edge's services range from web design and development to software design and management. They consistently strive to provide you top quality service with great flexibility, low costs, and high innovation. Whether you require a full fledged website for a large range of products or a small website for a new startup, Galactic Edge has the solution for you!

10. RockStar Business Solutions 1

RockStar Business Solutions

RockStar Business Solutions, founded in 2014 from Minnetonka, provides full-fledged vendor management solutions for its clients, who are typically small and medium-sized businesses. Their solutions save both time and money for their clients, providing specialized services in consumer market research initiatives, search engine optimization, marketing, data backup, cloud solutions, automation techniques, security services, and telecommunications.

Think we forgot an awesome company? Let us know and we might include them in a future list!

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