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Small Businesses Get Crafty in 2015

Small Businesses Get Crafty in 2015



People tend to get crafty around the winter holidays. Handmade wreaths, personal holiday decorations, and gingerbread houses crafted in the kitchen. This trend continues into the new year as people often use this time to look for ways to better themselves and grow. When hipsters took up knitting it became evident that crafts are the cool new (old) way to expand horizons. Like knitting, most crafting styles are popular across all age ranges and groups.

But who is supporting this growth in craft supplies demand? The resulting craft item is only as good as the materials put in, as a soup is only as good as its ingredients. Online craft supplies distributors are feeding the supply chain of this craft boom with quality materials purchased efficiently, and below are four leading U.S. based eCommerce wholesalers. 

1. Native Crafts 1

Native Crafts specializes in American-made crafts products and jewelry, especially of Native American background. This eCommerce wholesaler carries unique product lines that include pelts, deerskin laces, shells, feathers, dream catcher supplies, and more. has goods to satisfy crafts lovers even if they are not hobbyists. This Native American crafts wholesaler also offers ready-made jewelry, clothing, and other products. 

2. BCrafty 0


BCrafty provides its B2B customers value by cutting out the middleman and directly distributing wholesale wood crafts. BCrafty services both crafts professionals that require a lot of materials for projects, and also craft supplies retail stores. BCrafty offers an extensive inventory on its eCommerce site, with products including wooden letters, states, animals, holiday and religious symbols, plaques, picture frames, coat racks, tools, and so much more at a discounted wholesale price. 

3. Precision Products 0

Precision Products

Precision Products is a wholesale distributor and importer of hobby tools, as well as a variety of other general products, keeping a diverse product portfolio. Being an eCommerce B2B wholesaler allows Precision to live up to its objective of providing fast and dependable service to merchandisers and specialty sellers, as it carries an extensive line of magnifiers and tools on its online catalog. 

4. John F. Allen & Son, Inc. 0

John F. Allen & Son, Inc.

John F. Allen & Son, Inc. is a stone and bead wholesaler in the business of making things more beautiful. This eCommerce B2B importer and distributor carries an array of machine cut crystal, beads, trimmings, and other shiny things that jewelry hobbyists look for. Although in business since 1889, John F. Allen & Son has kept itself relevant by offering more than 50,000 items through its online shopping portal. 

Michael Noble is the CEO of Apruve. Apruve is a payment platform designed for B2B eCommerce. From handling purchasing approval to streamlining POs, Apruve streamlines complicated B2B payment workflows and corporate account management so merchants can better focus on growing their business, not how they'll get paid.

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