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Small businesses and entrepreneurs providing services take a shine to mobile payment processing

As a small business owner, nothing is as satisfying as a job well done and the payment that comes with it. As great as it is to be paid for your work, the process of actually getting the money can be a pain, especially for entrepreneurs that offer a service. Invoicing creates a bureaucratic chore, which also ties up cash flow. There is also the risk that you won’t get paid. It is not a regular occurrence, but we’ve all had that customer. 

Mobile payment options have been greatly growing in popularity for a while, but the service sector is just starting to catch on. Many different businesses can benefit from using mobile payment, but it is particularly useful for entrepreneurs that visit several locations every day like home cleaners, lawn care professionals, dog walkers, masseuse and more.

Below are some perks of investing in mobile payment options for your service-based small business: 

Instant Payment

Imagine a world in which you get paid without having to create and process invoices. No more following up with clients and monitoring a job’s progress after it is done. No more clerical work and managing extra files and paperwork (even if it’s an electronic PDF). You get paid on the spot with instant funds available - talk about streamlined billing.  

Instant Cash flow

Small business credit and lending tightened up in 2008 and hasn’t really rebounded. Being paid immediately can really help a small business that relies on cash flow to grow and sometimes even survive. There is also the added benefit that mobile payment processing typically offers accurate balance sheet monitoring and financial analysis while requiring less time and work from you.


As excited as you are to get away from pesky invoices and all that comes with it, so are your customers. Additionally, they don’t have to write checks or withdraw cash, or have a balance hanging over their heads. One quick swipe of their credit or debit card through your mobile payment processing attachment and the transaction is complete. 

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