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Small Business Spotlight: Sterling Partners

As small businesses grow, a private equity firm can help leverage a company’s earnings and take the business to the next level. Sterling Partners, a nationally based private equity firm with locations in Baltimore, Chicago and Miami, is experienced in providing services to businesses of all sizes, but specializes in the small and middle markets.

When selecting a private equity firm for a small business, it’s crucial to opt for one with experience in your sector. Sterling Partners is experienced in a wide range of industries, but three specialty areas include education, healthcare and business-to-business services.

Sterling Partners build equity through a number of strategies and tactics geared specifically toward thriving small businesses. Some of these include:

Investments: Investing up to $175 million in each client, Sterling Partners provide the catalyst for growth.

Partnering: Sterling Partners is committed to partnering with their clients to provide the necessary resources for success.

Growth: Every small business is different. Sterling Partners recognizes there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, preparing and executing growth plans specific to individual client.

Harvest: Like a farmer’s crop, Sterling Partners prepares businesses for the next step. Whether a merger or acquisition, the right private equity firm can facilitate a profitable “harvest”.

Sterling Partners achieves this through experience (three decades of experience), creativity (out-of-the-box solutions) and extensive networking (knowledgeable partners and advisors).

The relationship between a private equity firm and a small business is long term. Growth doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience and the right partnership can propel a business to the next level.

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