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Small Business Spotlight: Kirkland & Ellis

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are amazing jacks-of-all-trades and have a seemingly innate ability to handle all aspects of a business. However, there’s one area where they shouldn’t go at it solo: legal.

Many small business owners bear the misconception that a lawyer is only required for major legal issues. In fact, according to the 2013 Legal Needs of Small Business Survey, nearly 60% of small businesses have experienced legal events in the last two years, yet only 54% sought the assistance of an attorney.

A large number of business owners avoid hiring a lawyer due to legal fees or the assumption they can manage them alone. Handling minor legal issues without representation is a common mistake, but taking this extra step can prevent simple legal problems from snowballing into something larger.

The associates at Kirkland & Ellis are experienced in handling a wide range of corporate issue for small businesses. From corporate finance to initial public offerings (IPOs) to investment management, Kirkland & Ellis can protect businesses from legal ramifications and provide guidance during major milestones, such as a merger or an IPO.

Kirkland & Ellis is also a leader in intellectual property law. With one of the oldest intellectual property practices in a full-service firm, Kirkland & Ellis is well versed in intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, patents and more, so entrepreneurs can retain the creativity and innovation behind their efforts.

Small businesses might also seek the assistance of an attorney for common issues such as HR and personnel concerns, tax audits, contract reviews, internet security breaches or potential consumer lawsuits.

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