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Sharing for Convenience

Sharing for Convenience



The hot trend in today’s society is sharing. Carpooling, social media, and plain old talking allows us to connect with others and share information. This flux of information has allowed many great discoveries and inventions help society share and be well informed.  The ten companies below are focused on sharing and efficiency in order to make their client’s lives easier.

1. Tecreli Solutions LLC 91

Tecreli Solutions LLC

Tecreli Solutions is a technology services and support company that offers home and small business consulting and professional IT services for computers, servers, networks, and many more. They believe that technology has become a strong component of business as well as personal lives.  They specialize in managed services to establish contracts with SMB’s who cannot afford an in-house IT department. They also offer the features and support of a full time IT department without the cost. Tecreli believes that cloud computing is one of the most prolific trends they’re seeing, and they believe it will only continue to expand.

2. 86

With a reasonable price, empowers local photographers to connect with clients for those ‘little moments that matter a lot’. Their mission is to get people to rethink photography. They help people share their meaningful moments in raw, authentic ways. does this by connecting local ‘social’ photographers with people for a fraction of the price of what the traditional photographers charge. provides customers with memories that last using creative photography, which will help customers relive the moments as they remember them: in front of the lens, not behind it.

3. Scripbe 46


Scripbe willfully blurs the lines between blogging, social media, and content production tools. It is a free cite for social storytelling for scholastic and collegiate journalism programs. Originally, one of the three founders, David, had an "a-ha" moment about how high school newspapers were dying and how he should create a digital alternative. Scripbe was born to help share high school and college newspaper information socially across the web for the benefit of all. Scripbe enables news teams to collaborate more effectively whenever, wherever, no matter the device.

4. 30

Zesty is a content and ecommerce SaaS platform for building websites collaboratively. They originally started building sites for mom and pop companies, but they segued up to larger enterprise level companies. They built a interface and content management system to help the company’s marketing and development.  Zesty believes in creating a consistent end user customer experience. Zesty is different from the others because it is the only content and ecommerce enterprise SaaS platform that gives businesses a highly efficient and scalable technology. Zesty allows users ease of use to create content for their websites on a large scale.

5. RickyRides 9


Founded in 2009 by Ricky Keirsbilck and Nick Schwarz, RickyRides was created to be used as a one-of-a-kind carpooling tool for events that puts users in control of their riding experience. Originally, they started RickyRides to make travel to musical events more practical.  The two founders love the concept that RickyRides was created based on their own needs back in college. RickyRides believes that general ride sharing will become more and more accepted in light of the green movement, fuel prices, and pollution. RickyRides can be used to find transportation to virtually any event worldwide.

6. LocBit 8


CEO and Founder Boian Spassov created LocBit to connect everyone to everything, everywhere. LocBit wants to improve people’s lives through technology in order to give humankind more of it’s precious asset – time. LocBit allows hardware and software to work seamlessly together. They believe that the Internet of Things is the up and coming trend, which allows information to be sent to the cloud from physical devices. They help connect hardware, software, and apps that can be called via company API’s. LocBit believes that advanced technology and solid partners make their team best-suited to deliver an innovative, secure, and reliable Internet of Things cloud platform.

7. Wayferry 7


Wayferry is a vendor neutral, data driven, and auditable service that helps select the best-fit software for businesses. They think that not only good requirements helps you identify the best software, but you also find requirements that you didn’t know you needed. Wayferry helps their clients avoid pitfalls  by assessing software requirements.  Most companies miss the mark when looking to make a software decision because they fail to figure out how they can find the software requirement. Wayferry reverse engineers other software packages to create a requirements profile and GAP analysis for their customers.  CEO of Wayferry, Chris Doig, said, “Requirements are to software selection as foundations are to a building. Most are out of site but very necessary, get them wrong and there will be problems always.”

8. Changi Consulting 6

Changi Consulting

Changi Consulting is a cloud consulting management firm that offers an unmatched depth of consulting and implementation experience across multiple industries. They serve companies in the cloud and enable them to become more successful at what they do best. With over twelve years of experience, Changi Consulting helps other companies integrate into  They offer sales strategies and CRM practices. Changi Consulting’s focus is to utilize their CCM Methodology to create on-demand solutions that leverage best practices in order to automate critical business functions.

9. The Torch 5

The Torch

Based on the lessons she learned as a technology executive for Bank of America and several other companies, Lenore Vassil founded The Torch. The Torch inspires people everywhere to share instructions on how to navigate their life, so other people can help them if there is a tragedy. They believe they are different than online-safe deposit boxes because it takes too much time and people don’t want to share all that information. The Torch shares the ‘map’, not the ‘treasure’ in order to keep important info secure. The Torch offers an easy, achievable, and engaging method of organizing and communicating instructions about your life.

10. Onsupport Corporation 3

Onsupport Corporation

Onsupport Corporation began with one goal: to turn a passion for helping people with their information technology into a successful enterprise. They are a managed services IT services provider that helps create predictability for companies.  Their Cloud IT services are enabling them to connect to any PC or computer anywhere in the world via the cloud.  They also offer security audits for the medical industry to help them comply with HIPPA guidelines. Onsupport Corporation is one of Texas’ leading providers of customized and optimized information technology solutions, services, and consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

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