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Serving You: Companies that Streamline

Serving You: Companies that Streamline



Web based services and applications have revolutionized our daily lives and habits. Sitting in our rooms, we can visualize and visit the whole world, order nice desserts, hire people to work, and learn new things with just a click of a button.

Today, we present you a list of 10 companies that are fusing web technology with innovation to provide a unique array of services and products.

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1. Seamgen 81


Seamgen’s mission is to provide the best possible web and mobile software solutions from start to finish.  As the years passed, Seamgen has evolved into one of the top mobile application development companies in the industry, who provides mobile software solutions for a wide variety of industries. 

2. Local Solo 68

Local Solo

LocalSolo is a great way to find freelancers in your area without any hassle. The company has a good record while working with enterprises as well as startups and is currently available in 51 different cities. The freelancers are available from various specific fields, including consultancy, content creation, game designing, programming, project management, animation and web designing, etc.

3. Tagpacker 60


Tagpacker is breakthrough new tool that allows you to share content that you find interesting and relevant. You can create tags for everything you share so when people search for that tag, your content will show up instantly. For example, you could create a pack of dessert recipes and then tag each recipe and share it with your friends. Even better? It is completely free to use.

4. Settle 8


Settle, a great referral program for restaurants, connects thousands of restaurants with customers. It allows people to preorder food in a restaurant so they won't have to wait for it to be prepared. Preordered food is served instantly upon arrival at the restaurant, leading to increased efficiency of each table because there isn't a wait time between ordering and eating. Currently, the app has around 20,000 users in the country.

5. Explainify 8


Need to make an interactive video for a client?  Try Explainify!

Explainify is a great tool to for making short and animated videos that enable businesses to explain their services simply, effectively, and meaningfully by capturing their one-of-a-kind story. It was started in January 2012 by Eric Hinson, who was a bit skeptical about doing business because after his agency was acquired, so he decided to leave and keep doing what he was already doing on his own. This led to the establishment of Explainify, where you can get concentrated, explanative, and intuitive videos today!

6. Notey 5


Notey is a cool website that aims at providing you with good blogs to read from regarding your favorite topics without wasting any time. Its primary focus is creating an easy-to-use portal for all the great blogs suiting your taste and interests. Notey is excellent for discovering and becoming immersed in a rich blogosphere full of interesting and relevant content. Create a blog and log in anytime to explore new blogs!

7. Voice Polls 3

Voice Polls

Voice Polls is a software that allows anyone to create surveys and ask opinion polls, giving people a platform to voice their opinions. Voice Polls turn the traditional survey process from a top-down to a many-to-many collaborative experience. Voice Polls also aim at radically distinguishing itself from traditional survey process by providing an entertaining and enriching experience. They believe that providing a social environment can considerably stimulate engagement and interactivity within the community. Most users are regular users willing to express their opinions. 

8. Labdoor 2


Labdoor is a remarkable firm that tests the quality of supplements available in various drugstores around the country. They actually go into a drugstore and buy the product available on the shelf and test it to see if those ingredients that are claimed on the bottle are actually present in that product. Furthermore, they test the product for any illegal or harmful substance in it. If you are searching for the best probiotics, Labdoor tells you about the best quality product and the best value for money product as well.

9. Sin City Cupcakes 0

Sin City Cupcakes

Are you fond of alcohol and cupcakes? If the answer is "yes," then check out Sin City Cupcakes. They serve delicious, decadent, fresh, and alcohol-infused cupcakes for you and your friends. They specialize in special events and occasions, and their cupcakes are entirely made-to-order. Moreover, the order sizes can be tailored to accomodate you, a few friends, a party, or a corporate event. In addition to that, they provide free delivery services in the Las Vegas valley.

10. Go Girl Guides 0

Go Girl Guides

Are you a woman and interested in a travel guide exclusively designed for women? Check out Go! Girl Guides, which is a female-centric travel guide taht helps inspire and empower awesome women around the world to travel boldly. Their full-color guidebooks focus specifically on women’s health and safety in different countries. Its founder, Kelly Lewis, had a dream about Go Girl Guides, which led her to write her first book during her visit to Thailand.

Do any other companies come to mind? Let us know and we might feature them on MeetAdvisors!

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