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Separate Yourself in 2014 by Getting Closer to Your Customers

Another year is in the books and with that comes the age old tradition of setting goals for the year to come. Being a business owner, you are probably analyzing the latest trends and deciding on what you need to be doing more of in order to have a successful 2014.  




One trend that is growing rapidly in popularity is Virtual Customer Service. With the expansion of B-to-C and B-to-B connections via social media, the consumer cares just as much about the people behind your company as they do about your product, and I for one am happy to see this shift. Companies today need to embrace the relationship with their virtual prospects and clients more than ever and greet their web traffic the same way they would greet a potential or existing client that walks through the doors of their office. 

A great example of this being done today is Amazon’s “MayDay” button. By clicking the “MayDay” button from a Kindle device, users are greeted with the live streaming video of an Amazon Customer Service Representative who is waiting to answer questions and connect in real-time. This single move cost millions of dollars to program, including the hiring of an army of representatives to handle the multiple simultaneous inquiries Amazon would begin to receive. So, why did Amazon decide to do this? The reason is simple. Amazon knows how important quality customer service is to a business’s bottom line and a business that is built on customer support will always do better than those that are not. 


Now, let’s take the average consumer route of making a purchase today. They jump onto their favorite search engine and begin to “research” where to buy a particular item or service. Once they have settled on a search term that has given them the result they are looking for, they begin the selection process. They click on the first site they see and start the qualification process…that’s right, the customer is qualifying you! With so many options at the customer’s fingertips, price is not the only thing separating competitors. Does your website make the customer feel safe, and confident in your company? If they have a question, will they be able to contact you? Do you have a real-time presence via “Live Chat”, or even better “Live Video Chat”? If something was to go wrong, would you care? If the customer likes the experience they receive buying from you, not only will they do it again, but they are going to tell their friends. I can tell you that my number one business resolution for 2014 is taking my customer service to the next level, and I hope a few of you will join me. Take a look at Virtual Customer Service – it’s going to be everywhere starting in 2014.

Have a fantastic Holiday Season, and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Written by Bob Scott, VP of Business Development at VirtualDoorway.com


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