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No matter the industry, everyone is looking to save a buck to maximize their profits. That’s just business! But getting the best deal on supplies or services isn’t always easy and it can be a little sketchy at times. For those in the scrap metal industry, finding the best deal is now easier than ever.

ScrapGo is a new business that facilitates the best deals in the scrap industry. Launched only 60 days ago, ScrapGo connects scrap sellers with scrap buyers for efficient and transparent buying and selling in an oftentimes opaque industry. How ScrapGo Works What sets ScrapGo apart from conventional buyers and sellers is the depth of their network.

Founder Dale Turken explains how ScrapGo works: Most brokers in the scrap industry work with 10 to 12 buyers, but a mere three get the bulk of their business. So how does the supplier (aka, the seller) know he's getting the best deal? He doesn't. He is getting the best deal from that specific broker's network. That’s where ScrapGo comes into play; ScrapGo takes the broker concept and expands access to thousands of buyers, so the supplier knows exactly what the market will bear and he can see definitively that he's getting the best deal. 

For buyers, ScrapGo provides access to quality material that they normally would not have access to. ScrapGo opens new markets for buyers without them having to invest in new purchasing agents or sales people. The supplier network is enormous…and growing. ScrapGo is Hiring Not only is ScrapoGo’s network growing, but so is the company. Specifically, ScrapGo is seeking a partner to help kick start the sales efforts. The ideal candidate will have experience in business development in a startup environment.

They may have had a successful exit of their own, but it would be equally helpful if they have also had their own spectacular failures. After all, failure is the best teacher.  Why Work for ScrapGo ScrapGo brings new technology to an industry that is very old school, creating a professional environment that is exciting and fast-paced. Everything ScrapGo pitches to clients is new and extraordinarily helpful to their business.

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