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The School of Human Potential isn’t your average classroom with boring lectures on topics that will never apply to daily life (you know what we’re talking about—unless you’re Sheldon Cooper, you probably haven’t had a need to draw upon that high school physics class). 



The School of Human Potential is reinventing learning for adults. The online school focuses on self-growth and self-actualization via short, affordable video courses from leading experts. The video courses, available late February 2014, cover a broad range of topics, all applicable to everyday life, so participants can build their own self-improvement curriculum. 

The MeetAdvisors crew sat down with the founder, Allen Vaysberg, who gave us the 411 on this innovative service: 


What is the School of Human Potential and what type of people do you serve? 

Becoming a well-rounded person in our modern society is no easy task, we are much too busy working, raising families and trying to carve out a few moments of peace, let alone worry about becoming self-actualized.  The reason for starting the School was to help people become well-rounded and self-actualized without taking a lot of time or money. 



We found and filmed world renowned experts and put their knowledge into easily accessible on-line courses spanning various topics of Mind, Body and Spirit.  People can go at their own pace and access them on any device. 

Our offerings are applicable to a wide variety of people but the response so far has been from successful individuals that feels they are lacking in certain areas (parenting, sex, self-defense, stress management, career satisfaction, financial security, nutrition, mediation, etc.). 


How did the School of Human Potential start? What was the inspiration?

School of Human Potential inspiration was my drive to find a solution to a common problem. Modern individuals are finding it harder and harder to continue their growth due to the lack of available time or resources. I wrote up the idea, named the school and had initial classes laid out in 2009. 

A number of years the final straw was drawn; I was watching "Midnight in Paris" and had to pause it at least seven times to find out more about the characters in the film. I was familiar with Salvador Dali, Picasso and Ella Fitzgerald, among others, but simply didn't have the depth of knowledge to grasp the intricacies of the conversations. That made me re-examine my own well-roundedness. I sat down and wrote out all areas needed for a modern man to be considered well-rounded and started pursuing each. Shortly after, I decided it was time to open the school to help others on a similar quest.


What are some notable successes you've experienced with this company?

Even though we haven't launched yet, we have attracted a number of high profile experts who are as excited about the idea as the people waiting for the classes. Our site continues to grow in popularity and should be in the top 50,000 websites in the US by launch time.

What is the future of the School of Human Potential or how do you see the company evolving?

Our vision board is broad and we have many things in motion. Some of them are launching our own radio station and publishing house. Those should be done at the same time as the school launch.


Please describe some of the courses your site offers.

Here are couplespecifics. One is "Image and Dating Secrets" being taught by a leading dating and image expert Kimberly Seltzer from Elite Matchmaking. This course is as much for single asmarried people,becauseit will assist them in finding and keeping the love of their life.   

Another course is "Change your Mind to Change your Body" by a Harvard-educated Dr. Kathy Gruver. It teaches people how healthy thinking habits will lead to a healthy body.  

There are many others courses that cover all parts of the spectrum in finance, sex, parenting, self-defense, meditation, mediumship and more.


What’s the most helpful advice you’ve received (or have given) for a person to improve their mind, body or soul?

The most helpful advice I give to others is “Never stop growing.” We as adults think that since we are no longer children our experimentation and growth has stopped. We focus on specific tasks that we deem ourselves experts in and find the “comfort zone.”  Truth is, you never stop growing and can always find time and resources to better yourself. Once you do, every area of your life changes dramatically for the better!  


Visit School of Human Potential to learn more about this service.

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