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Saas savvy companies

Saas savvy companies



Saas is the next big thing in technology. Software as a service is a growing industry, taking over the country! Here is our list of Savvy Saas companies, that we want to keep an eye on.

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1. Biznet Software 204

Biznet Software

Biznet Software allows you to reduce the time your company spends updating spreadsheets by 80%. They work to help you send hundreds of reports in one click, create excel reports 5times faster, and always work with updated data. Their excel suit can help organize businesses on every level. 

2. AccuLynx 59


AccuLynx is a software designed to help specialty trade contractors succeed. They include everything in their software from in-the-field estimating, task schedules, easy ordering, and documented communication. They work with companies to help them stay organized and better their communication. AccuLynx works to eliminate confusion because they save all conversations, so you can see where and why decisions were made. 

They also increase productivity by allowing companies to order materials for jobs much more easily. They allow you to track when orders were made, and all orders were saved in the job history. 

3. Solid Interactive 55

Solid Interactive

Solid Interactive is a technology company for web, mobile, and more. They have partnered with companies such as Hilton, Target, and BestBuy to help them with their digital needs. They help their clients solve their digital challenges by creating a multiplatform strategy that incorporates web, mobile, and beyond. They focus in corporate web, native app development, video delivery, and E-Learning. 

4. Coldlight 25


Coldlight is a Saas company declaring to make science and big data easy. Now if you are like me you may be saying “no way”. However, Coldlight is a pretty awesome company that is working to create a smarter Internet of Things, by finding the value of data. They are using this data to discover ways to help you with your business. They accomplish this by creating predictive intelligence.

Their platform is called Neuron, and it analyzes massive amounts of data and automatically detects combinations of variables that are most predictive for businesses most critical questions. 

5. Mtell 9


Mtell is a Saas Company, which creates smart machines. We use machines because they are fast and efficient, however when one breaks we usually find ourselves in quite a pickle. Well, Mtell works to create machines that know when they need assistance, and tell you. This way you can fix your machine before it breaks. You know how your dentist tells you to floss, so you can prevent cavities? Well this is kind of like that! It is much easier to come in and fix a problem on a machine before it has completely broke. At that point you may even need to buy a whole new machine.

Mtell uses predictive scheduling, early detection guidance, process optimization, to help you keep your machines running longer, and more safely. 

6. Inksoft 8


Inksoft is an online designer and business software for printers. They are a complete business solution custom made for printers. They allow printers to be able to sell custom products, manage multiple web stores easily, and track commission. Inksoft is integrated with FedEx, UPS, and USPS, they also have built-in shopping carts. Inksoft is everything a printer could need, all in one easy to navigate software. 

7. Bizness Apps 4

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is working to help small businesses create their own mobile apps. Creating a mobile app is a very time consuming and tricky process. Many small businesses do not have the resources to be able to have mobile app, but Bizness Apps is here to change that. They work with small businesses to help them create the app of their dreams. Bizness Apps allows businesses to create mobile apps in minutes.

8. Kitewire 1


Kitewire is quickly becoming one of the top software development companies. Based out of Arlington Virginia, their team has worked with the likes of Microsoft, Dell, and even the U.S. Army. You know if the FBI is using you as a software company you are probably pretty awesome. They offer two products for companies, including Steel Talon and eTravel Data. Steel Talon is a mobile device management security and analytics solution. It includes anti-virus detection and prevention, and allows organizations of all sizes to maintain continuity of operations and keep personal data secure. On top of that all they also offer web, desktop and mobile applications, and database development.

9. MultiCore Ware 1

MultiCore Ware

MultiCore Ware is a Saas company, with one of the world’s largest OpenCL and heterogeneous computing teams globally, with over 200 engineers across offices in the USA, China, and India. MulticoreWare’s compiler technologies, accelerated heterogeneous libraries, and professional services have helped clients worldwide achieve faster results, improve efficiency, and slash costs.

10. LDR Interactive 0

LDR Interactive

LDR Interactive has launched broadcasters and publishers into the future, through software that allows audiences to collaborate in minute-by-minute content and programming. Their software works to increase ratings, revenue, and web traffic.

With LDR Interactive listeners have to ability to vote on which songs they want to hear next, receive notifications when their favorite songs are about to play, and provides real-time insights for TV newsrooms and digital publishers. Imagine a world when you could skip the songs you are sick of, and tune in for songs you love. LDR Interactive makes this possible.

11. Co-Construct 0


Co-Construct is a custom home building and remodeling software. Their software offers a myriad of abilities to help builders, including order and expense tracking, lead tracking, marketing abilities, account system integration, budget and forecasting, and jobsite progress tracking. Co-Construct has all of the things that builders may need,  in one software. They help increase productivity and organization in an easy to use format. This web and mobile construction project management software is the ultimate construction assistant.

12. Context Relevant 0

Context Relevant

Context Relevant is a Saas company capable of creating Context Relative predictive analytic software solutions that provide revenue-generating insights. They allow companies to download data rapidly, and detect patterns and predictive modeling through that data. They work to identify customer targets, asses risk at large financial institutions, block flash fraud, and measure the previously unmeasurable. They have their hands full if you ask me. We are all looking for the predictive data to determine what will help our business, and who our target audience is. Context Relevant is working to help companies discover just that. 

13. Mojotech 0


Mojotech is a company partnering with everyone from startups to large enterprises, to help them build awesome mobile apps! They pride themselves on solving real life problems, redefining what is possible on the web, and creating web and mobile apps that clients and users love.

Mojotech created the Snowcast app, a location based app for skiers and snowboarders, which tracks snow conditions, trails, resorts and more. It is the ultimate app for snow sport enthusiasts. 

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