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Saas Companies Spicing Up the B2C World

Here are 9 companies changing the way the B2C world is working. Technology is changing constantly, and these nine companies are helping the B2C stay tech savvy!

Be sure to vote for your favorite Saas company, so they can make it to the top of the list!

1. Olo 16

Olo is changing the way we order. We already buy clothes, and electronics online, why not order our food digitally as well? They work with delicious companies such as Five Guys, Noodles & Company and Cold Stone. They allow companies to take larger orders, with less strain on employees. Olo works with their companies to create mobile ordering apps, so their customers can more easily order via mobile. Olo is taking ordering to the digital level, and anything that helps us get our food more easily is ok with us! 

2. Smarter Agent 11

Smarter Agent is a mobile application company that has created the first scalable mobile cascading platform that enables widespread content distributing to consumers. Smarter Agents creates mobile search and discovery apps. They work with real estate companies, to help them build their own branded app that works on all mobile devices and includes all listings. 

3. RevolutionEHR 5

RevolutionEHR is the leading cloud-based EHR Company for optometrists. They allow optometrists to be more organized and spend more time with patients, by eliminating IT issues, and accessing patient data anywhere.  They are a complete practice management solution for optometrists, which includes electronic health records, personal health records, scheduling and accounting systems, patient recall. Overall they are everything an optometry office could ask for. No more waiting for hours in the optometry waiting room, RevolutionEHR helps optometrists be more organized, so they can get to patients more efficiently. 

4. TickeTracker 3

TickeTracker began as a school discount card fundraising company in 1993, since then they have grown into a technology platform for high school ticketing, TickeTracker is working to provide athletic departments at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level with a software solution that will allow them to efficiently track gate activities at sporting events. They allow fans to buy, sell, and exchange tickets to secondary and post-secondary school events. TickeTracker provides an efficient gate tracking solution for school events their software offers online ticket sales & exchange, attendance tracking and season pass sales. They are working to streamline the whole gate management process. 

5. Stimulant 2

Stimulant is an innovation studio that brings spaces to life. They create interactive environments by using emerging technologies and digital experiences. They have worked with Intel to create “Connect to Life” a large-scale projection-mapped interactive ecosystem simulation. They also created a digitally enhanced interactive environment for Reunion Tower in Dallas. As interactivity becomes more and more popular, this company is changing the way that brands can engage with their users.

6. CureLauncher 1

CureLauncher is a platform that allows patients to seek out clinical trials. They allow people to know their options, and be in control of their treatment. There are hundreds of clinical trials out there that patients may not be aware of, CureLauncher connects them with these trials. 

7. OrgSync 0

OrgSync allows universities to build an online community for their campus. They help colleges create an online community that helps departments, programs, and all member-based organizations streamline processes and drive engagement. The platform is customizable to each universities unique structure, and helps them connect and engage with their population. The software allows universities become organized, analyzes evaluations, and streamlines administrative processes. OrgSync is the ultimate tool for campuses.

8. UserVoice 0

UserVoice helps companies understand their consumers. Without understanding your audience you cannot create a successful message to reach them. UserVoice helps companies listen to their users. They help companies get information to their customers faster, through mobile SDK’s, and widgets. UserVoice helps scale customer communication, to allow faster response times. 

9. JumpForward 0

JumpForward is Saas company, working to change the campus communications game. They work with coaches, student athletes, financial aid offices, registrars, and admission offices to ensure that there are no complications or miscommunications. They are the industry leading recruiting, compliance, and communication solutions for college athletic departments. JumpForward provides college athletic departments with the best technologies.  

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