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Saas Companies Heating Up the Business World

Saas Companies Heating Up the Business World



Saas or software as a service is growing rapidly. Everything from CRM to clouds is considered Saas. These softwares, typically priced on a monthly basis, are taking the world by storm. Here are 15 Saas companies that are changing the way that businesses work. 

1. MAX Digital 83

MAX Digital

Max Digital is changing the way cars are sold, by taking it digital. Their software was launched to transform the way that consumers think about buying cars. We have all had a bad experience when it comes to buying a new car. It is hard to know if we are getting ripped off, and MAX Digital is working to make sure that consumers know that they are getting the best deal possible. They are a cloud company, which already has over 1500 dealership franchises across the United States.

MAX Digital works with car dealerships, to train their sales team to become product experts on every used car in their lot. This allows them to build a competent sales force while increasing trust in consumers.

2. Invoca 54


Invoca is an inbound call Saas company that works to create more inbound calls for companies. Inbound calls are a great way to get customers, because they are already interested enough in your company to reach out to you. Invoca works with your current call center, to unleash to power of inbound calling. This cloud marketing software allows companies to know where their calls are coming from, customize the caller experience, and get analytics and insights to do more.

3. GreenRope 40


GreenRope is a Saas company that has transformed into a complete CRM system. They combine sales, marketing, and operations in a single platform for their clients. GreenRope works with companies to help build the business their way. This cloud based CRM began as an email marketing platform. They work to give every business the opportunity to efficiently manage their marketing, sales, and operation from one platform.

It can be very frustrating to have all of your contacts in separate places, and have a hundred windows open at a time. This CRM works to create an efficient way for companies to stay organized.

4. GuideSpark 15


GuideSpark is a company that creates videos to help explain processes to employees. No one likes sitting through long meetings, GuideSpark works to create fun engaging HR videos to help employees. GuideSpark realized that employees do not want to have to read through long packets, or sit in meetings.

GuideSpark videos cover topics such as healthcare reform, open enrollment, and employee stock purchase plans. The videos are customized to match corporate culture.

5. T1 Visions 7

T1 Visions

T1 Visions is an interactive wall that allows companies to interact with their consumers or employees in a high-tech way. Their multiuser multitouch technology is designed to bring people together through interaction and engagement. Their interactive tables, walls, and digital signage help create a customer experience that is unlike any other. They partner with clients in retail, education, hospitality, corporate, and tradeshow markets around the world.

Imagine a world with touch screen menus, interactive business presentations, and engaging tradeshow boards. This is the future of customer and employee interaction.

6. Premier Logic 4

Premier Logic

Premier Logic is a Saas company that assists in launching new products or businesses. They generally work with businesses on new product launches, by using creative and critical thinking. They keep everything organized, so companies can focus on the creative design. They launch projects in a timely, organized way. You can have an amazing product idea, but have no idea how to get started. This is where Premier Logic comes in.

They provide software development, creative design, and business advisory services all in one place. They are working to change the way that businesses interact.

7. Cogito 2


Cogito uses software help companies speak to their consumers more effectively on the phone. They deliver real-time feedback, in order to increase agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Cogito is the leader in providing real-time behavior data visualization for increasing customer acquisition and engagement.

Cogito dialog is comprised of two main views to create real-time feedback to increase active listening to create more caring and compassionate interactions on the phone. When consumers get on the phone with a company, they want to be engaged and understood. Cogito software allows companies to improve this process.

8. Solid Commerce 2

Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce has created a sophisticated inventory management software to help boost sales. They do everything from product and inventory management, to listing and pricing, to managing vendors and order, and more. Their web-based platform allows companies to access their account at anytime. They work with companies to stay organized, and help them maximize profit by making.

9. Kanda Software 2

Kanda Software

Kanda Software is a development outsourcing and quality assurance company. Now you may be asking what does that mean? Well I will tell you…

Kanda helps startups translate their ideas into products. They do this through assessments, software development outsourcing, project management, software maintenance, among other things. They partner with businesses to help them maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing world of technology.

10. Virtual Fleet Supervisor 0

Virtual Fleet Supervisor

A Fleet Supervisor is someone who travels along with employees, to ensure that they are using the company’s time efficiently. This can be a very expensive way for companies to track their employees. Virtual Fleet Supervisor has created software, to help with this dilemma.

Their software is an affordable way to monitor your fleet. The software uses GPS to report back to the company in real time. Virtual Fleet Supervisor increases productivity, for companies who have employees out in the field.

11. Site Compli 0

Site Compli

Site Compli is a software company that works with realestate agencies, property owners, and service contractors to ensure that their buildings comply with local laws. Before Site Compli it was extremely difficult to keep track of all of these compliances. Site Compli creates portfolios that keep track of all of these laws, major problems in building, and inspections.

They are built to save you money and time when it comes to building compliance. Site Compli will manage all of your properties, to save you a ton of time.

12. Affectiva 0


Every B2C Company is interested in how consumers feel about their brand, or if they aren’t they should be…

Affdex is here to fill them in. Their software reads facial expression to measure the emotional connection people have with advertising, brands, and media. This is the ultimate consumer insight tool. Brands are all about creating consumer loyalty, and this software can help brands determine what works and what doesn’t. This cloud based Saas is uses automated facial expression analysis recognition, called facial coding, to determine consumers feelings about particular messages.

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