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Made in Chicago.

Rokitt: Impact Through Technology

Rokitt: Impact Through Technology



Over the past 20 years of her professional career, mostly on Wall Street, Oksana Sokolovsky, co-founder of Rokitt, has become passionate about making teams better. She has worked tirelessly on major solutions to make banks more efficient through technology. Time and again though, Oksana found the biggest obstacle wasn’t in the problem or the technology, but rather “the people who hire you to be a change agent, can become an obstacle when you begin to implement that change in large organizations," she said.


Oksana shares that she is passionate about driving significant change and having a positive impact. She says, “life is short, we always need to make a difference and leave impact on the people around us.” The goal of Rokitt quite simply is to simplify and help out with a complex life. In their own words:



ROKITT is passionate about creating products that transform and improve lives. We are a dynamic team that strives to make a difference for the people we serve every day! Our culture combines the spirit of a start-up with years of professional maturity.


We look at various industries through the lens of progressive disruption and develop products for mass consumption and impact. Our wide reach spans numerous industries and technologies. We endeavor to improve the lives of many people through transformative technological solutions. We love what we do and our passion is game-changing.


Innovate. Transform. Empower.


How does Rokitt do it you wonder? They have built amazing products for each unique area of life:


·       Online Travel Platform

·       The Future Of Augmented Reality

·       Hyper local Promotion Platform

·       Women Entrepreneur International

·       Marketplace for Home Chefs


The ingenuity and uniqueness of their work is partly fueled by their internal culture. Initially, they wondered if they should be like Google or Amazon, but then they realized they needed to be Rokitt. Oksana shared about the people at Rokitt, “diversity of character is very important, I hire people for who they are and then help them grow on top of that. We never try to mold anybody to fit within specific characteristics, we can have disagreements about projects, but in the end we are all still human and a tight knit family.”


Another unique aspect of Rokitt is that, as Oksana says, many are “dropouts of Corporate America.” She continues, that they learned who they do not want to be and then have built upon that from their past experiences. Both Oksana, and her Co-Founder Rohit Mahajan, have the experience to know exactly what was and was not working in corporate America, they are therefore able to draw the best, while leaving behind the worst when building their company.  There are plenty of good things about Corporate America and that is one of the reasons that Rokitt hires other Corporate America dropouts.  


They have this mindset that people who love what they do, actually enjoy working really hard and will be excited to come into the office and solve a daily challenge. It is not all a rosy picture though, there are difficulties they run into, but the perseverance through the unpredictable is a key aspect of their culture. Having the right people in place is key for Rokitt, Oksana added, “our customers are extremely important, but our family is above all.”


The future of Rokitt is bright; they are quickly progressing with their budding product offering to have an even greater impact on society. On the horizon is machine learning and augmented reality, but not just the products, a bonafide impact on human life from these technologies. Oksana closed by sharing she is excited that “customers will have an awesome experience as part of the Rokitt journey, everything we do is focused on having a monumental impact on life.”


For more information, visit: https://rokittech.com/

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