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Made in Chicago.

Travel Planning: The Market, the Problem and the Solution.

Travel Planning: The Market, the Problem and the Solution.



In 1903, traveling meant hours or days spent on a train or ship. In 2013, travel planning meant hours or days spent on a search engine, online forum or Wikipedia. The year 2014 will mark the 111th anniversary of both Gabriel Tarde’s S-Curve and the Wright Brothers’ first flight. For the past 110 years innovation in the travel industry spread like wildfire, and almost every aspect of it has been completely revolutionized... except for travel planning.

Although the internet’s introduction has made access to information much easier, the actual planning and organizing of a trip has remained mostly intact: the traveler spends hours scraping information off different sources, making arrangements and finally having to manually compile and organize all this information in a useful way. The importance of travel planning is currently proportional to the difficulty in finding a way to organize travel data.



Today, when apps and websites increasingly offer efficient solutions for any industry, this format has become extremely tiring and outdated. While people are unwilling to waste money on a travel agent, there is no suitable solution available in the web, leaving a gigantic market starving. Some apps do try to cater for this market, however they invariably end up into one or many pitfalls.

Probably the biggest mistake most travel apps make is to ignore the social aspect of travel planning. Everything has been increasingly social in the recent past, and for the longest of time travel planning has been a social activity. A travel planning solution must allow users to plan and share together with as many people as needed, effectively replacing lengthy emails, long phone calls and numerous text messages between the ones involved.

Pitfall number 2 brings in apps that attempt to solve some pieces of the problem, while avoiding the hard issues of planning. There are apps which will show you destinations, there are apps which will show you flights and so on, but it still falls back into the initial problem: people spending hours hopping from source to source (in this case, from app to app) while trying to sketch up a travel plan manually, not to mention that many of these apps are paid, adding expenses that bring in little value to the customer.

Then comes user-friendliness: most travel apps and websites available are very complicated. They attempt to include a myriad of features in hopes of boosting user experience, but this is known to backfire. Customers don’t need countless features, they need a solution to their problem.

Trekeffect takes all of these pitfalls in account to revolutionize and finally solve the problem of travel planning. For the first time ever, users are able to unify all aspects of travel planning under one app. Users can research destinations and attractions, book flights, hotels, car rentals and more, plan their itinerary by themselves or with friends and share this information with anyone they want.



Trekeffect is about revolutionizing travel planning. Whatever the case is, if there is a problem, we provide a solution. In business, this is what really makes the difference.

To stay on the leading edge of travel planning, a new version of Trekeffect will be released early next year bringing in changes and new solutions to meet the world’s travel planning needs.


Written by Jason Biondo, Contributing Writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com 

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