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Remarkable Habits of Successful People

Remarkable Habits of Successful People



Each company has a specific aspect that separates them from the rest of their competition. This aspect does not necessarily have to be based on success or innovations, but character. The six companies below show remarkable traits that have lead them on the path to success.  They portray integrity and show that there is more to business than just money.  Each of these six companies has a special quality that puts them ahead of their competition.

1. Marketing Perfected 25

Marketing Perfected

Founded by Arun Kumar, Marketing Perfected was created to help other companies grow. Marketing Perfected wants to implement ABC and AEC Policy to as many businesses as possible. They provide Joomla support for over 500 websites through the Joomla Content Management System and provide document indexing and summarizing for law firms and medical facilities. Marketing Perfected realizes that their company must always stay open to find opportunities while staying focused with technology, in order to remain on the path to success.

2. GoShare 24


Founded in May 2014 by Shaun Savage, GoShare is a mobile application that connects people who have a pickup truck, van, or SUV with people nearby who need help moving, hauling, towing, shipping, and delivering large items over short distances. Shaun Savage created this company due to his constant necessity to move large items or painting supplies from his business when he had a small car.  GoShare was inspired by the sharing economy. GoShare is the first service that offers peer to peer pick up and sharing for the purpose of moving objects.Six months ago they had a significant pivot, which led to their one-year anniversary a couple weeks ago. They plan to expand to every major metropolitan area in the US and then go abroad to serve international markets.

3. Three E Development 13

Three E Development

Three E Development was founded by three experienced engineers whose mission was to offer services and products that enable customers to work faster and smarter. They are dedicated to integrating technology into the workforce in order to help streamline customer processes. Three E Development is leading the change to integrate technology to improve the workflows and move away from antiquated processes, like clipboards. Even with the spark to create mobile applications for the dinosaur of an industry, there have been some challenges in adoption of the technology. They are focused and driven with a motto of “Do not hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off.” They create apps/tools tin increase efficiency and understand the importance of having apps that are well tested, founded, and documented.

4. Sensemetrics 4


Sensemetrics delivers smart solutions to the world’s largest and most challenging industries including infrastructure, mining, oil, and construction. After studying for years to adopt modern technology to the industry, they specialize in software design, implementation, and automation with sensors. They focus on structural, geotechnical, and environmental systems while executing a vision and sticking with it for the long term. Sensemetrics is built on teams who share information and solve problems with gathered information. Their simple, powerful, ultra-reliable tools greatly lower the cost of ownership and provide actionable information when customers need it most.

5. Luddite Labs 4

Luddite Labs

Luddite Labs has just-in-time software engineering. They feel as if they have reached the peak of software improvement and think that the next quantum leap will be automation. Luddite Labs wants to curate software knowledge, build and AI engine that can write programs based on existing code, and then take that toa platform. They want the platform to be used by people who are not necessarily engineers, but people who are intelligent enough to take advantage of this technology. Aside from the battle between risk aversion and what entrepreneurs think they should do, Luddite Labs knows that it is a challenge to leave a cushy job and go into the realm of uncertainty called entrepreneurship.

6. SD Health Connect 3

SD Health Connect

San Diego Health Connect exists to improve the quality and cost of our healthcare system. They believe that the community-wide health information exchange is the foundation for quality and cost improvement. Their goal is to connect the entire healthcare ecosystem that serves SD & Imperial Counties in SoCal. In order to establish this infrastructure, San Diego received a $15 million grant. San Diego Health Connect is an affordable offering to all health institutions for improving the quality of care to their patients. San Diego Health Connect believes that time management is paramount to success due tot their number of meetings where they constantly work in collaborative efforts.

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