RCM Alternative Panel Event

RCM Panel Event

RCM Futures, brokerage firm, is hosting a Panel Event in Dallas Texas on September 18. The event will include a cocktail reception and panel discussion. The panel will discuss how to access commodities through Managed Futures. Attendees will learn more about the benefits of Managed Future, including non-correlation to traditional asset classes, diversification, the ability to equip traditional portfolios with crisis alpha, and access to an actively managed asset class.

The first panel will be represented by Bobby Schwartz from RCM Alternatives, Brian Blacklaw from McGladrey, David Gibbs from CME Group, and Matt Nitschke from Millennium trust group. They will discuss some of the practical aspects of investing in Managed Futures, covering questions of access, portfolio construction and performance monitoring/ vetting.

The second panel will introduce attendees to four niche managers including: Bill Gellman from Bay Hill Capital Advisors, Malinda Goldsmith from Four Seasons, Thomas Rollinger from Red Rock Capital, and Todd Garner from Protec Energy Partners, LLC. This panel will discuss how Managed Futures and niche managers capture their alpha, and how they can help diversify a traditional portfolio in times of historically low bond yields and low volatility in the equity markets.

A Q&A, and cocktail reception will follow the panel. The event will be very informative for investors and trading advisors, and will allow for networking at the end.

The RCM Alternatives event will be held on September 18th from 4:30 to 8:00 PM CST. It will be at the Omni Dallas Hotel, 555 S Lamar in Dallas Texas.

If you will be in Dallas on September 18, we highly recommend you attend the RCM Alternatives panel event, to learn more about how to access commodities through Managed Futures.

Go to this page to learn more about the RCM Alternatives Panel Event, or to purchase tickets.


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