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We are getting rave reviews with the few free mortgage education webinars we have presented. Late last year, Providential.com started a FREE webinar series titled: "Mortgages 101: Intro to Financing and Refinancing a Home." Overall the reaction of our attendees has been very positive, as they are routinely prepared with their own questions and the Q&A at the end usually goes longer than the actual presentation. We cover the most basic questions, like "what is a mortgage?" We also go into more depth for the different loan types. 
We post the schedule of FREE webinars on our website, www.providential.com/index.php/webinars/. People will scroll to the webinar and topic that fits their schedule, fill out basic questions like name, phone number, email, and click register. It's that simple. They are absolutely free to attend and we market through email, social media, newsletters, customer service hotline, and word of mouth. 
Attendees can absolutely interact with the instructor. In fact, it's encouraged that attendees ask any questions they want to so they are comfortable in their home-buying process and it's easier for us to assist with meeting their specific home loan needs. On the webinar interface, attendees have a chance to raise their virtual 'hand' so the instructor sees they have a question. Either the attendee can type in their question in the chat feature or the instructor can 'unmute' them so they can ask the question live.
In the next 6 weeks, Providential.com is planning 5 webinars. As they become more popular, we will deliver presentations with more frequency. We are planning at least 50 webinars in 2013, but that can certainly increase.
We  also cover more advanced Mortgage 101 webinars that go into more depth into our different loan types, generally when customers know which one they are going with and they just want more information. As more questions are asked in our beginning webinar, that usually will spur additional more topic-focus webinars that we will put on the schedule.
To register today, go to http://www.providential.com/index.php/webinars/. Please email myself, Thomas Demane, at thomasd@providential.com or call 312-264-6412 with additional questions you may have.
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Posted by Thomas Demane