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Talk Start-Up Than See A Movie!

Those who know me know that I love going to the movies (especially seeing flicks with mind-blowing action like Iron Man and The Avengers!). However, I would rather talk about start-up businesses than see a movie any day of the week!

After going to several entrepreneurial networking events this year, I realized a pattern among attendees.

One group includes passionate, energy infused, impatient Entrepreneurs looking for, well, just about everything. Funding, advice, co-founders, mentors and an array of services from accounting and legal to marketing and PR.

The other group consists of what I will call "Advisors" who are willing to provide Entrepreneurs with all that they need, and mostly at no cost, in order to start the relationships. Let’s face it: we all know Entrepreneurs are working within the constraints of tight budgets, ambitious goals and constant challenges - making it one of the most exciting industries to be in! So it seems strange that Advisors willing to offer their expertise are challenged to seek out Entrepreneurs.

I created this site because I knew there was a better way. We have built a platform to allow both groups to interact in a low-stress, low-pressure environment, leading more successful businesses and business relationships.

The best part for me? Our users have gotten such great results so far, they'd swear it was like something straight out of a movie.

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