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Proper Suit: Rethinking an Age Old Craft in the Digital Age

As a member of the business class, you know the importance of finding a suit that fits great, fills you with esteem, and radiates confidence. Chicago-based Proper Suit is at your service. Founded by McGregor J. Madden and Richard Hall, Proper Suit has the motto that the customer is in control of the creative choices rather then the tailor.

Instead of someone going to their local tailor that will constantly make inaccurate adjustments, or searching for department store to get fitted, this website is designed to create beautiful, high quality suits that fit like a glove and are convenient for the customer. Customers simply select a date that they would like to be fitted, and from there the tailor customizes the garment however the customer would like: fabric, color, thread, accessories, etc. Designers use an advanced laser cutting system called AutoCAD for absolute precession and in approximately four to six weeks you’ll have your new suit. The average price for this service is around $1,000, but for more expensive fabrics the cost can go up to $2,000. Proper Suit also keeps your measurements on file to make future pruchases more convenient and efficient.

The pace of the modern world isn’t slowing down and the founders of Proper Suit recognized that fact and they know there isn’t any room for error, which led to the idea of incorporating technology into the process. Proper Suit is not removing the human touch from the craft of suit making, but rather enhancing the experience of creating and wearing a suit.       

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