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Prodigy SaaS Companies : Upcoming Market Leaders

Software as a service, SaaS, is one hotshot sector in the business world market at the moment.  Software solutions deal in medical, academic, business, marketing, commerce and other fields. Companies have benefitted from such business management solutions and have revived their growth patterns. We present you the most influential budding companies that excel in this field and are growing strong each and every day.

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1. DNA Software 0

DNA Software deals with making top quality PCR software mainly qPCR software which is world renowned for its efficient working and management. qPCR  breakdowns use of outright number of DNA copies to a single copy. Thus, it drastically cuts down the cost factor and the hectic work nature involved with the usual PCR techniques. Moreover, they are compatible with most common PCR instruments. 

2. Kongregate 0

Kongregate is a gaming portal consisting of thousands of free online games for your amusement. Besides all the wonderful games, this gaming portal also has many other features that allow you to interact, chat and communicate with other gamers through various game forums and chat rooms. While playing a game you compete against other users online and can compare your scorecards with them, win victory badges and increase your level. From a developer's point of view, it is a great source of showcasing your skills and earning by uploading your game. More the number of plays of your game, more revenue you would collect.

3. Integration Technologies 0

Integration Technologies implement integration software and services that support connection and integration of assets across diverse customer enterprises in real-time. InterWeave was designed for enterprises with hugely dispersed operations, wide partner customer communities who need to share data/information activity and clients who require simple solutions for complex integration issues. InterWeave Smart Solutions, is a SaaS integration platform that includes enterprise solutions, legacy programs & applications, databases, files and other content. It is designed for quick and affordable help to the enterprises.


4. Insight Software Solutions, Inc. 0

Insight Software Solutions, Inc. makes Windows based software apps for home, small, corporate and government firms. Their work focuses on three main areas – automation, education, and finance. Automation software automates repetitive tasks in order to save you time. Education software helps teachers, parents, and trainers create fun activities to keep children engaged. The finance software creates professional debt reduction plans.



INSIGHT is a firm which provides expert strategic supply chain planning solutions and consulting services for leading companies in sectors such as - packaged goods, food & beverage, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, oil & natural gas and manufacturing industries. Their two main products are INSIGHT Enterprise Optimizer, which is a supply chain software which works on optimizing demand/supply and other synchronization plans that enclose the full supply chain. The other, INSIGHT Transportation Optimizer, incorporates creating a calculative and optimized transportation dispatch plan that aims at lowering costs and streamlining operations.


6. Information Concepts 0

Information Concepts is a custom software development company. It was established in 1982. They specialize in providing planning, development and management solutions.  Information Concepts evaluate your business parameters by accurately calibrating your business requirements, collecting appropriate data and understanding your demands to achieve your organizational goals. Thus, corresponding to this criteria they create the framework to provide you the best business solutions.


7. Imprivata Inc. 0

Imprivata Inc. provides solutions & products, which include authentication control, access management with centralized policy and simplifying secure communication in the healthcare sector. Imprivata OneSign provides an end-to-end solution that integrates single sign-on, authentication control and virtual desktop roaming. Imprivata Cortext is another software solution, which provides secure communication platform that empower healthcare organizations to replace pagers and improve care coordination throughout the hospital complex.


8. Imagine Communications 0

Imagine Communications provides media software and video infrastructure solutions to ensure optimum media management and live production. Serving more than 3,000 broadcasting, multichannel video programming distributors, government and enterprise clients around the world. Imagine Communications offer media a solution, which characterizes powerful, integrated media software. This software helps broadcast, cable and broadband companies make faster, smarter business decisions to optimize inventory value.


9. Financial Software Innovations Inc. 0

Financial Software Innovations Inc. helps companies keep track of unclaimed property. Americans leave approximately $5 billion worth of property unclaimed each year. Companies are required to report this property, but most of the time this reporting falls through the cracks. Financial Software Innovations provides the tools necessary to comply with state standards and report unclaimed property.

10. Federal Network 0

Federal Network or the FedNet is a news organization that is also the leading broadcaster of United States Congress since 1996. FedNet maintains a database of its footage in the form of a video library, which provides access to over 20,000 hours of filmed footage chronicles. While all the content is available for viewing & editing. It can also be shared onto other websites or sent via emails. Moreover, with its new web based interface live video is also available through streaming.


11. Enterprise III Systems, Inc. 0

Enterprise III Systems, Inc. is a supply firm-based network control solutions for hardware, software, networking, and user preparation. They provide a complete array of services, which include designing solutions, active project planning, network & computer instruction solutions, system administration, data transfiguration and task specification & management. This range of utilities includes help desk support, quality assurance, hardware/software ordination and maintenance & upgrades of databases while providing essential backup, restoration and assessment solutions.


12. Dynamic Apps 0

Dynamic Apps is a firm specialist in Microsoft.net framework. They provide software solutions for a wide range of clients. Services include everything from IT strategy and architecture, to public portals, to business integration, and more. They are the complete software system of architects, developers, and integrators.


13. Landmark Consultants, Inc. 0

Landmark Consultants, Inc. is a firm that deals with civil engineering and surveying solutions. The company's Civil Engineer unit deals with rights to undertake raw land, design of communities and complete consultancy over all aspects of Land Engineering. The company's surveying & mapping unit also provides a variety of services including boundary surveying, highway mapping, river topography surveying & profiling, data conversion and GIS (Geographic Information System) services.


Know any other SaaS companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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