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Problem? These Companies Have The Solution

Every good business idea comes with a list of problems that can threaten the success of that idea. These companies work to offer solutions to common business problems. Whether it is financial counsel or fundraising, these companies have found innovative ways to offer unique business solutions.

1. Money.Net 1

Money.Net gives people and corporations the opportunity to easily and successfully invest in the stock market. Their customers include investors, traders, and brokers who need accurate market data and analysis. They have an easy-to-use platform that customers can try for a 7-day free trial period.

2. Team Office 0

Team Office is an office furniture supply company in Kansas City. They help companies completely furnish or refurnish their office. Their main goal is to provide excellent customer service and to treat every customer like their only customer.

3. Business Technology Group Inc. 0

Business Technology Group Inc. provides IT solutions for companies in need. They can help staff a company with IT experts as needed. They also provide consulting services such as web development, mobile solutions, software development, and data collection and analysis. BTG was founded in 1995 and is one of the few independently owned IT contractors in Jacksonville, FL.

4. Business Rule Solutions LLC 0

Business Rule Solutions LLC helps to apply the business rule model to other companies. They provide consultation services to help companies work more efficiently. They provide advice on regulatory services and help create projects that will improve the business.

5. BookKeeping Express 0

BookKeeping Express manages the financial aspect of businesses. Bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and cash management can be a full time job. Business owners would typically rather invest their time and energy into their business, rather than their bookkeeping. That is why Bookkeeping Express does all the financial tasks for you. They perform their job quickly, efficiently, and on time so their clients never have to worry about a thing.

6. Sure Power Inc. 0

Sure Power Inc. provides backup battery power for companies. Businesses such as data and computer centers cannot afford to lose power. Due to weather and other issues, power outages pose a threat. Sure Power Inc makes sure that companies are never left in the dark by providing uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, batteries.

7. Accurate Premium Audits Inc. 0

Accurate Premium Audits Inc. provides audits. Their services include worker’s compensation, general liability, telephone audits and more. The company was founded in January of 1996 in Manchester, New Hampshire. The provide excellent customer service and strive to help each company make improvements.

8. Advisor Software 0

Advisor Software, or ISA is on a mission to help wealth management firms do their jobs more effectively. They create wealth management software so that wealth management firms can concentrate more on advising their clients. Their cloud-based technology makes the software easy to use and customer-friendly.

9. Pubmatic 0

Pubmatic is a market analysis tool that investors can use. They create real-time reports quickly and use a “slice-and-dice” feature to make sure the reports are tailored to each user. Companies can use their simple data dashboard as well as research their flexible reports to make the best possible investment decisions.

10. Gehegan & Associates 0

Gehegan and Associates provides telephone sales training for companies. They focus mainly on what to do when salespeople reach gatekeepers and how to accomplish sales over the phone. They give a one day, custom workshop, tailored to their clients’ company. They work with sales people on live calls and work hard to increase their clients’ sales.

11. Trinity Financial Advisors 0

Trinity Financial Advisors, or TFA, provides wealth management services from their office in Chicago, IL. They offer services such as estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and more. TFA helps customer gain more from their income and balance the many financial programs involved with wealth management.

12. Focus Technology Group 0

Focus Technology Group began as a bank audit firm in 1985. The company soon began to develop fraud detection software and, in 2000 purchased software assets to create a fraud analytic framework. The events of 9/11 and the Patriot Act led to a further need for banking security and fraud detection software. Focus Technology Group continually takes care of their customers and has a strong reputation in the industry.

13. Financial Software Innovations Inc. 0

Financial Software Innovations Inc. helps companies keep track of unclaimed property. Americans leave approximately $5 billion worth of property unclaimed each year. Companies are required to report this property, but most of the time this reporting falls through the cracks. Financial Software Innovations provides the tools necessary to comply with state standards and report unclaimed property.

14. Financial Tracking LLC 0

Financial Tracking LLC is a financial compliance software company. They work with hedge funds and other investment companies to help reduce risk and therefore reduce cost. Founded in 1999, they are now 60% owned by employees. They work with 2 of the 5 largest companies in the United States and are one of the largest money manager companies in the world.

15. Ford & Associates 0

Ford & Associates works to help independent schools develop and grow. They offer development counsel to help schools raise money and use that money effectively. Different schools can hire Ford & Associates to conduct fundraisers for their organizations.

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